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Here's to a good clean colon (pici of me with Doc)

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I just got back from my first post treatment colonoscopy. 

All is well. He said everything looked great.

I was awake for the whole procedure, asking questions and watching the screen. I wanted to see the staples they had used so he showed me, then took pictures for me to bring home. Evil looking thngs they are too. 

Here is a picci of me and my GI Doc right before I got wheeled in. 

Happy day indeed (once it was over). 

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Great picture...was almost afraid to click.  Thought we were going to see your colon!



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Posts: 5512
Joined: Jan 2013

Sorry! Didn't think of that. HA!

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haha, gave me a chuckle.  And hey I still opened the post.  Figured we are all family here!    

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I did too!!! LOL!!   :D.   Much better to see your lovely face!!  :D

Thanks for the hearty laugh on that one! 

So very glad that everything looks good.  :) 

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Ha ha ... I thought the same thing to original title of post ... I thought I was going to get to know you a lot better very quickly if I clicked on post. 

Very good news and I am wishing you the best tonight. 

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I think you had us all freaked out.  LOL



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That's a great picture!  I'm so happy for you.



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Great news.  Like the thumbs up :)


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I'm glad everything looks good!


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Captured forever - what a celebration.

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You look great, Trubrit.  And congrats on the clean scope...may there be many more!

Hugs to you (and to your doc too, what the heck)~AA

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Loved the picture !  And even better the results of the colonoscopy.  May you be NED forever !!!

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