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This might sound stupid but how do you tell your doctor that you have depression and you need some anti-depressants? I looked all the symptom up on the internet and all of them matched what I feel like.  I am the type of person that it is hard to tell others my feeling I keep them all in side. Some people just say to come out and tell my doctor but it is not that easy for me I have been putting it off for very very long time. Can't take it any longer need some thing. I want my life back and the old me I can't even remember what it feels like to be happy anymore.

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Some people think that depression is a weakness and are embarrassed to say they are depressed.   It is not  a weakness and it is not your fault, but it is very important to speak to your doctor and get help, either by medication  and/ or psychotherapy.   I have had depression.  Maybe you need a referral from your doctor to a good psychologist or psychiatrisl.   Don't be afraid, don't let it go, and let me know how you are doing,


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Katie, I am very sorry to hear that you are depressed. I can understand that it would be hard for you to talk about. Maybe you could make an appointment with your doctor and try something like this:

Doc: Hello, Katie, how are you?

You: I am feeling depressed.

That should open a conversation leading to diagnosis and treatment of your depression. Making an appointment is a good place to start. Let us know how it goes, OK?




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I put depression in the same category as pain.  It is important to let your doctor know if you're in pain because your body heals better/faster when pain is managed.  I can't offer up any research on this but I have to believe that depression is the same thing.  I believe your body will heal better/faster when depression is managed.  I am normally a very relaxed person (or at least I use to be).  My doctor noticed that I was having some problems with anxiety.  I don't take them all the time but when I get into 'those modes'...I use the Rx. 

So, look at it as if you're helping your body heal or stay healed.


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I agree with the others and what Karl said is a good way to look at it.  I recently realized I have been dealing with mild depression for some time and plan to discuss it with my doctor.  I also joined a gym yesterday (free from my insurance) and may do a small amount of volunteer work if I can.  For me, getting out of the house more, being around new people and getting a little more structure in my life will help I hope :). 

Maybe it will help to think of "the new me" and work in that direction.  I think it's safe to say that most of us (if not all) are not the same as we were before this journey.  I can't do some of the things I used to do and I certainly view life differently now.  Some of that is good stuff though.  it's like taking out the garbage - getting rid of some of the junk in your life.  

It helps to talk with folks and you know you have lots of friends here.  Please keep us posted.

Big hugs - Jim 

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Did the first step made the appointment for Thursday.

Mary N.
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Katie, so glad you made an appointment.  We have so much to deal with that we need to have depression treated also.  It is a clinical disease.  If you can you might also try to be referred to someone you can talk to also because therapy and meds work best together.  Also if you can ( not sure where you live) try to get out in the sunshine and do a bit of exercise each day.  I think almost all of us have some need for treating the depression.

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