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Need help for Dad- Colon Cancer Stage 4 in hospital with Kidney Stones?

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First off I love you all for reading. 


Dad was dx last year with CC stage 4 he has been on chemo.  He had sudden onset of pain and i took him to the ER.  He was due for a scan anyway so they did a CT scan with contrast.  The Onc said the mass in his colon looked smaller (great news) but initally didnt see anything in the area where he had pain (lower right abdomen and groin).  I was told a radiologist looked at the scan and found a 3mm Kidney stone.  Dad was given flowmax and was going to be discharged today but he had more pain overnight.  His Onc said there may be another stone but wouldnt that have shown in the scan?  Shouldnt they x-ray or sonogram?  I am concerned with the quality of care and I am his proxy and no help.  I want to make the best decisions here and Dad is so nervous he is talking crazy.  In addition, since his visit he hasnt been able to pass stool.  He has a stent in the colon (was put in shortly after initial dx).  I dont know what to do....



In NYC area 

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I know it is tough being the caregiver and medical proxy, but you will do ok.

Since he was admitted thru ER, I expect his urinary problems are being handled by whoever was on duty.  Consider selecting a urologist of your own who can not only give him care at hospital but also in following him afterwards.  Dehydration due to treatments can cause kidney stones to form.  While painful, most often can be dealt with non-surgically as long as not too large.

As for the no passing of stool, this can be due to several reasons...wasn't eating much before, or since being admitted to hospital, decrease in physical activity, things like that.  You could certainly call in his surgeon who put in the stent to review his condition.

While in treatment with an oncologist, it is not unusual to put all your medical needs into his hands, but some times you need to seek out experts in specific fields.  It will however be very important that all the doctors communicate regarding dad's treatments and condition.

Wishing him and you the best,

Marie who loves kitties


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Might they have given your Dad some pain medication in ER when in distress from the kidney stones? If so, this can slow the function of the bowels and also cause some constipation. 

Marie has given excellent suggestions.

My husband had several incidents of kidney stones during his treatments, but he had them before as well. We did have urologist who said that an option was to preform a procedure that can break apart large stones allowing them to pass. Trust that there are things that can bring your father comfort.  Consulting a specialist may be your next step.

You sound like a very responsible and caring daughter. Hang tough. Being a medical advocate for another can be challenging at times.  You will do well. Come here often with your questions or concerns.  Someone will always respond.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

PS. Great news that his scan showed tumor reduction.


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