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After chemo is over

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I finished chemo Sept. 5/13.  I developed a problem with pain in my glute and piriformis muscles and SI joints and some in my right quad muscle.  Have had some physical therapy - ultrasound and electric stimulation which has helped.  I had a hernia repair Dec. 23rd and it went well.  This was caused by my initial operation Dec. 7/2012 to remove my tumor.  So am off therapy and pain shots for a short time.  I feel this muscle and probably nerve stuff has been caused by not using them during treatment.  I have trouble getting out of bed, and getting up from a chair.  Once I am up I seem to be able to walk but am using a cane and a three wheel walker.  I have come to the conclusion it could take a few years to get over the radiation and chemo treatments.  Seeing radiation caused one of my ureters to almost close, this not being able to get up quickly, has caused some bladder problems.  I don't think this will go away until I solve the muscle stuff.  I had my last scan Dec. 7 and I am clear.  Next one will be in March.  Am interested in knowing any physical problems people have had after chemo is over.


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Both treatments (chemo and rads) can have long term side effects.  Because mine was rectal, most of the radiation was directed at my hips and they get sore now and then and also both red and white blood counts are below normal because of the radiation.  Each one suffers differently but you should talk to your doctor to see if there is something more that can help you.  A lot of doctors don't tell you these side effects.  My bladder didn't seem to work right after the initial surgery for about 6 months.  It always felt like a bladder infection and I'd pee all the time, but not much at one time.  Hope you feel better soon.


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I'm almost six months out from treatment. (Wow! Six months.) 

I still have neuropathy in hands and feet.

I have joint pain just about all over, worse when I've been in bed or sit too long. Once I get going, no probelm.  

The radiation did a number on my bum. Thinned out the skin, so I have probelms there.

I also have radiation fibrosis. 

My tongue is still white, but I can taste things now. 

All of these things I can LIVE with. I am happy to be able to live. 

On brighter notes. My hair came back all wavy and I feel great, great, great.

I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday. I'm sure its going to be all good Laughing . 

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Good luck on Thursday.

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I finished my chemo in July and developed terrible neurapathy in my fingers and toes.  I'm taking Lyrica twice a day for it and it's helping.  I haven't experienced any joint pain.  My CT scan came out clean in September so I'm cancer free.  I'll live with the neurapathy if I have to.  Hope your pain subsides.



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I am out of chemo about 18 months.

When chemo stopped I had neuropathy in hands, feet, teeth, tongue, lips and face.  To help with the hands I did my sewing and embroidery like a maniac.  I have all my embroidery framed around the house so each time I see them it is like giving cancer "the finger".  Keep you hands doing exercise with alot of motion.  Maybe a stress ball?

Today it is only hands and feet.  It is managable, but I have to remain aware if it.  I can lose my balance if I am not careful.  I go to the gym 3x per week and am back to work.  I eat organic and stay active.

Give yourself time to heal and get stronger.  Chemo takes alot out of us, give yourself time on the healing side.

As a 3b with signet cell I will be 2 years NED on Jan 31, so it was well worth it.

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I swim every day (except after surgery)  surgeon said 3 weeks, oncologist said 8 weeks.  It is almost three weeks and I will start then.  The surgeon said just stop if it hurts.  He said I can get in the hot tub.  Thanks for all the answers - seems I just have to be more patient.  Sometimes that is hard.  But you all seem to be somewhat better.

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