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had 1st ever panic attack during chemo yesterday and ca 125 down to 17 from 4 ,000

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Susan P
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I've never had problems during tx before- but-yesterdayduring tx  - I broke into a sweat & felt off -- my hand started itching horridly - I'd read itching could be a reaction to

carbo --- then I panicked with fear I might become sensitive to it & have to quit   I HAVE DONE SO WELL ON IT ------   started at CA125 at,4,000 NOW AT 17  .

Luckily after an Ativan , Logic  prevailed

1.  I had spiked my blood sugar with a snickers & 2  large cookies THUS- the initial sweat & ukky feeling

2.  I could se ethe bumps on my hand errupting from a skin conditionI have - horrible itching during breakout



What a scare even trhough I can logically explain it now - it still scares m e when I think about it,i'll behave with my horrid sugar addiction next time


& take my ativan before tx & hope it was a one-time fluke

anyone else get this scared you might have to quit what's working?


thank sgals


Susan P from Alberta Canada

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4000 down to 17 is awesome.

I had a couple of panic attacks at the Cancer Center right after dx and first appoinment with ONC. I handled them by running outside and chain-smoking till I felt better.

Ativan (Lorazepam) is good if you take it in advance. I knock myself out with it before port insertion, biopsy, breast MRI. I took 4 recently before getting a large tattoo.

They had to stop my last 2 rounds of Carboplatin because of the shortness of breath similar to the panic attack, but it really was an allergic reaction. They gave me an option of stopping or taking Benadryl and going ahead. I went ahead and finished.

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I never had any panic attacks or allergic reactions to my chemo, but then again, I've been on Paxil (an antidepressant) for anxiety and panic attacks for over six years.  Dropping from 4,000 to 17 is terrific and I'm doing the happy dance for you!


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What an impressive drop in the CA 125!

I've not had panic attacks, but a couple times I've gotten very emotional and tears flowed.  I didn't even feel particularly sad; it was more overwhelmed, grateful for everyone who is helping me, tired, wondering how much longer I have to keep fighting this bugger, etc, etc, etc.  

Thank goodness you have figured out the sugar and the Ativan!  Seems I learn something with every chemo dose to help me "do better" next time.

focus on that grat CA 125!

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So glad to hear some really good news in the new year!

During my last (of 8) chemos I started flushing and being short of breath, blood pressure went up etc. It was a reaction to the carbo...they stopped, gave me more benadryl and I was able to finish. The nurses said it's not uncommon after several treatments for this to happen. They just slow the infusion down and mostly that helps. Hopefully that will be the case for you. 

Let us know what happens next time!

All the best,


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I developed an allergy to carbo after I had been taking it for quite awhile. My hands and feet would start to itch and feel warm and then I would start getting this rush of heat coming up through my body that felt a little like a panic attack. At first the Onc nurses could back off my carbo, inject more benadryl and steroids and slowly I could tolerate the rest of the infusion. Then the carbo reaction got too severe to continue on it. I do tolerate cisplatin ( older version of carbo, I'm told) and it's worked very well for me the last two years! I worry that there will come a time when that doesn't do it for me. BTW, congrats on the low CA-125's.

                                         ((((HUGS))))   Maria

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