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Lung cancer from colon cancer - options for my mom

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i am new to this site but so happy I've found a place to share my thoughts during this battle we have been fighting with my mom. She was disgnosed 4 years ago with colon cancer and it's now spread into very small nodules in her lungs. She had undergone at least 30+ chemo treatments (she is a very strong lady) but the docs feel it's time to do something different. she's had 2 major surgeries and now the are putting her on a trial and want her to take the oral pill for the rest of her life. It's been difficult to say the least. the crazy thing is she is still maintaining a very good quality of life. No major pains and her lungs and liver are operating fine. is this normal? What do u think her chances are at this point. Just trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead. 

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Many of those oral pills are targeted therapy meds and they work wonders for some.  Your question would be better answered by the colon cancer board but I would love to know what the med is, if you could find out. A colon cancer that mets to the lung is still a colon cancer and they would use colon cancer meds. Also, she may be qualified for one of the PD1, PDL1 or anti PD1 trials.  If not she may qualify for compassionate use.

She may continue to enjoy great QOL.  I have stage 4 lung cancer and am way past my anticipated life expectancy and doing fabulous.  

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I am new to this to and I have no knowledge about colon cancer but I would like to say that from what you have said it seems like your mother is going to be fine. No one knows what the chances of survival are but God. So as of right now enjoy these days with her and make her feel as special as you can. I will be praying for you and your family. Never give up just take it one day at a time.

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