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Resolution Revolution!

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Well, once again a new year rolls around, and once again I start thinking about the resolutions I would like to achieve in the coming months. In the past, I’ve been in the habit of making resolutions that are impossible to achieve, so this year, with the hope of reducing the degree of soul-crushing disappointment I experience every year around April, I have decided to come up with some goals that I can actually handle. These include:

1. More exercise, especially walking: To help me attain this goal, I will move my TV to the SE corner of the living room (closer to the kitchen) from the NW corner of the living room (farther away from the kitchen). By my calculations, based on a rough estimate of an extra 246 steps per day, I will have completed the equivalent of a marathon by year’s end.

2. Eating more fruits and vegetables: This one is a little harder for me, as these may not exactly be my favorite part of the food pyramid.

    So first I need to apply a little basic logic (See, kids? College is totally worth it!).

                  Tomatoes and apples are red.
                    Hot Tamales are also red.
  Therefore Hot Tamales are the same as tomatoes and apples.

Bonus conclusion!

There are a lot of those little buggers in the box, so eating a box of Hot Tamales (which by a gigantic coincidence is my favorite candy) is like eating about 26 tomatoes. Resolution #2 done in less than 10 minutes per day.

3. Losing ten pounds:  Actually, already took care of this one. Those old-fashioned adjustable scales are awesome.

4.  Keeping my house tidy and clean: Only way to achieve this goal is through the removal of husband, kids, dog and multiple cats.Would first require the acquisition of a blunt instrument or possibly arsenic. The neighbors might notice digging in the back yard. Fine tuning of this resolution still needed.

5. Being a kinder, more patient person to those around me: probably the hardest one of all, but I’m working on it!

So what about you guys, my lovely CSN compatriots? Made any resolutions for 2014?

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Just resolving "To Do" what I can - when I can...what else is there really?  And I've already been doing that...so will just piggyback that philosophy forward.

BTW: I can get you down 60 lbs and 8 waist sizes with the Sundance Folfiri program....just watch the weight fall off....easy when you can't eat and have no appetite,  Let me know:)

10 lbs total....ha...I can get you down 25-30 lbs every cycle, no joke:)  Really.

I think I like your plan with this instead......I'm shocked....down to 196.7....been decades since I was this low:)

See you in 2014...10 yr aniv in June....you are cordially invited:)

Come to think about it.....let's resolve that one!

See ya'!

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Posts: 2573
Joined: Oct 2011

I'm holding you to that resolution, Craig.  No joking with this one.

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Our doorbell says,  "Martha Stewart does not live here!"


We rather have our fuzzy kids then a perfect house.  We let a certain amount of clutter because we love to run the dogs every day.  Which is more important, picking u the newspaper that we read this morning, or running the dogs?   Eventually the papers get piicked up, the trash gets taken out, and the dust gets, ok, the dust can be a problem.  I got larger problems to worry about.    (When it is cold, rains, or snows, the house gets really clean.   Mainly because we are bored.)


I resolve to improve my sense of humor for 2014!  (Some think I need to tone it down.) 


Best Always,  mike





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Posts: 2573
Joined: Oct 2011

And as for toning down the humor...well, I can't imagine living life without it!  But I was once kicked out of my dying father's hospital room, along with a couple of my siblings, for laughing too loud.  The nurse didn't understand that we got that black sense of humor from my dad, and that he would have been laughing along with us if he coud have.

Life's a tough journey, a little laughter can go a long ways, imo.

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Not to be funny, but just to really live and do what I set out to get done.

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Joined: Oct 2011

and to focus on living life more fully is an excellent goal!

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• Come to the board often and share whatever I can to help others who may be struggling. 

• Not forget to call my 93-year old Mother every day.

• Not let anyone else dictate the pace of my healing journey over the loss of my husband.

• Save for that telephoto lens that will document the coyote families across the river.

• Love and support my son unconditionally.

• Be sure to read every post by AA because they are always uplifting and often hilarious.

• Remember to be here now.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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Posts: 2573
Joined: Oct 2011

and I really like the mix of the practical with the more philosophical.

My "goals" are obviously ridiculous...I really should try to come up some that are actually meaningful!

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I have a few...

simplify.... Get rid of the clutter in my life... The excess stuff in the house... The pile of projects waiting to be finished

pay off the bills - almost there... now I just have to get my husband to stick to a budget

journal.... Get those thoughts off of my mind... I also want to start writing to my kids... The things I want them to know About life, about me... Just in case someday I am not here for them

spend time doing the things I love to do... Travel, eat (I love trying new foods), spend time enjoying my hobbies - needlework (I have a lot of projects that I want to do.... Many I have been waiting years to stitch) and stained glass


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Posts: 2573
Joined: Oct 2011

that's a good goal for all of us cancer folk, Alex.  It's funny how prior to cancer, most of us feel as though we have all the time in the world, but that's not actually true for anyone.  If there are things we want to get done, to learn, to experience, now is the time to do it!  Your resolutions are a good reminder of that.

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