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Anyone ever have this done?  My 27 year-old daugther will probably be having this procedure done soon for cervical displaysia (CIN III).  I've posted before, but to recap she is at high risk for cervical cancer.  I sent her to my gyn/onc for a second opinion, as the first doctor wanted to do a different procedure with much more damaging affects.  My doctor didn't seem to think she needs to be that drastic yet.  So, just wondering if any of you are familiar with this procedure.

Thank you all!




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back in 1993 and then again in 2003 i had pap test come back with results showing cervical cancer cells in 1993 i had the cauterization procedure which was realativly easy to deal with it was out-patient all i remember was having some discharge for a week or two after and then in 2003 i had the lazer cone biobsy procedure and again the procedure was outpatient and i did return to work i beleive within the week. Symptoms from that were some cramping and i do remember alot of fluid retention (could not wear jeans or regular clothes for a week or two)Again these were done years ago maybe things have changed since then but from my experience they were very tolerable. Hope all goes well !!!!

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