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HELP,--  I am a 79 yr old with Bladder and prostate problems. Jan.3rd they are removing the bladder stones and I would like to know if I should opt for the removal of my prostate at the same time? My psa is 9.8 and a recent biopsy was done and yesterday the Dr. called and said I had a very aggresive cancer that had a gleason score of 8to9.I have no other info. untill we see him this Fri.In Oct. I had a pep scan that showed no bone problems or any other problems except a inlarged prostate and bladder stones. I'm fair to good in health--just need to know some options or what to ask the Doc.Any info would help a lot--wife is kinda freaked out

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Go you your local bookstore immediately and purchase "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" by Dr. Patrick Walsh at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. I was recently diagnosed myself. I have found this book very, very useful, and easy to read. Due to your age, you should probably discuss radiation treatment with your doctor.

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Have you looked into Proton Beam Therapy?  I finished this treatment on 11/1/13 and am very happy with the results.  I have 0 side effects and it is a painless procedure.  There are 11 treatment centers around the country with more due to come on line soon.  I was treated in Jacksonville, FL at the University of Florida Proton Institute and would highly reccomend them.  If you go to their website, www.floridaproton.org, you will find much information about Proton Treatment.  It is the most exacting treatment using radiation you can receive.  If you email them they will send you, by overnight mail, a packet including a book by Bob Markini that you willf find very very informative and will answer many questions you may have.  The cure rate is the same or better than surgery and the rate of side effects, impedence, incontinentce, etc. is much lower. 

Usually your urologist will not reccomend Proton Beam Therapy as they are surgeons and cannot perform this.  The Proton centers are very expensive to build and usually are done at Universities where they can get the funding for these massive buildings required for the treatment.

My guess is you have not heard of this procedure but I would suggest before making up your mind look into it.

Don Santella

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