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bone scan

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Hello gals ,

I have to have a bone scan tomorrow morning, because my cat scan showed pelvic changes. They said it could be from the radiation I had, but want to rule out malignancy. I know uterine doesn't usually spread to bone and that it is rare. Has anyone else had this show on their cat scan? I will keep you posted. My original dx was UPSC grade 3 stage 3c in June of 2012. I finished radiation a year ago. after my 6 rounds of chemo.

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Hi Tammy,

I didn't have radiation but I do remember reading some threads that pelvic changes were from radiation.  Please keep us posted.


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Hi Laura,

Yes you were right.My scan come back as low risk for metastisis.Pelvic changes are arthritic in nature.Hooray....never so happy to have arthritis!



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Funny how everything becomes so relative, huh?  I finally had an MRI for leg pain.  What a relief to discover I have moderate to severe degenerative arthritis in my lower spine.  3 weeks of PT and daily exercises and I'm pain free.


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Glad you got good results from your scan.  Arthritis is much better to deal with.  MY you continue to dance with NED?  In peace and caring.  

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I met you at the uterine cancer course in DC and wondered if everything was going ok.  So happy for your good news!

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