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Happy Festivus

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Ladies, I finished chemo 12/19/12 so at our dept lunch today my boss celebrated with my one year cancer free by giving me a crystal (peach) and sterling bracelet.

When I was going through it all I never thought it would end and now here I am one year out.  For the newbies to our site I say keep fighting, you can do it!  For those who have celebrated their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...I say thank you.  You have helped with advice, support and guidance that has made this journey possible.


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Its like having another birthday, isn't it?  When I celebrated my first post chemo anniversary last Aug 15, my husband took me out for a lovely lunch  at a favorite place on the shore of Lake Champlain .   It's hard to believe a year ago I was still pretty much hairless.antsynancy

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Congradulations!  Many more to come!  I never thought I would life out the first year after chemo.  Chemo, as bad as I hated it, was like my security blanket!  As long as it was going in I would live...silly me!!  Now as of Nov 6 I am 3 1/2 years out of treatment!  God is Good!  Merry Christmas to all!  Debra

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I just got the official word today.  I am still cancer free.  I year out.  Cograts to all you ladies.  You are always in my prayers.


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Can't get enough news like that.  Happy dance time!

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It is always great when people are celebrating  anniversary  of there last chemo treatment.  Continue your celebrations and that dance with NED.

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congratulations.....many more cancer free years


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Double Whammy
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that someone would acknowledge and celebrate your cancerversary.  Congratulations to you and to all of us who continue on.

Happy Holidays, Suzanne

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Sara Zipora
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So grateful to be here another minute that another year is mind blowing!

Thank you all for being here, and for those who were here at first and are now not, thank you too for your guidance and support!

Waiting for PET scan begining of Feb to find out how successful tumor zapping was of bad bugger leaning on my ureter that necessitated Stent.

One tumor still there not treated as felt required more radiation than its size and danger to me predicated.

Hopefully he did not grow too much and is big brother was annialated so nothing will lean on uterer and instead of taking out stent and replacing it, they will just take ot out!

Have had UTIs since stent, but after first one with no gross symptoms I decided not to take antibiotics as uti was stent related, I.e. Techinical effect, and not illness effect.

Docs are patient with my decisions as to tell you the truth on a purely cost benefit ratio, antibiotics and anti fungals have their own side effects, and as I can exist with what I have and not have fever and other symptoms, they, the docs, let me be.

That is my wish to us all, may we continue to Be!

Bless you all!

Today is the begining of the lunar Month of SHEVAT, the month that portends the New Year for trees. May we all see the fruits of our labors for many years to come,



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Hope you get good results from you PET scan in Feb.  Sorry the stent is giving you UTI's.   I did not realize that would happen.  You have had quite a time.  Hope the tumor has shrunk and you can have the stent removed.  Wishing you the best.

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