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Mickey says hi!

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I made it to Disney World!  My former priest (retired)  and his wife talked me into a scooter for “my family." Although it broke my heart, that made me do it. Thank goodness!  It has been a life saver and, although I am still tired, it's a good kind of tired. 

The trip has been awesome so far!  A fairy godmother called Disney and they gave us a free upgrade to club rooms with free food and drinks. We have had fresh flowers every day. My biggest problem is I can't stop crying (happy tears). 

I miss you all and will post more soon! 

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PS I'm Episcopalian and we have priests and they are often married - just in case I confused anyone. ;-) 

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You made it! That's great. So glad you are enjoying all the Disney fun and making memories.

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Enjoy your time in Central Florida.  Wish I there also. 

Scooters can be a lot of fun to drive.  I rode my dad's spare when I went to see my folks a few years ago.






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I am so happy for you CC!!   I live an hour from Disney and I can tell you for sure that it is a great time to be in Central Florida.  I hope the beautiful weather continues for you and your family.  If you get a chance, go see Disney's Hollywood Studios.  The Christmas lights are amazing.  I was just there on Monday and it was a lot of fun.

I have a smile on my face just thinking about you being at "The Happiest Place on Earth".  ENJOY!!!


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CC, have a wonderful time.  I think that the scooter is the best idea ever.  Hope every minute of every day is filled with joy and happiness.


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 I hope that you are having the time of your life and building memories with that granddaughter.  So glad that the weather is cooperating and that you got the scooter!!! It's a wonderful way to see Disney!.  Enjoy every minute, rest when you need to, and give us a full report of your adventures.


New Flower
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So glad you made and have been enjoying it. Well you are crying due to being there I am cryining from just reading about it. So easy to make us cry!



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Thank you all!  I have had an incredible time!  Heading home.  We are all exhausted but happy!!! 

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Wonderful to hear you had an incredible time!   And good to hear you got a scooter.  I can be exhausting going around those parks.  

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wow you caught my attention when I saw MICKEY....


Where are / did you stay? We are heading back in July  land and cruise....we are DVC...

Great you had a nice vacation



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club level...NICE...i was on wait list for our may trip but never got it...sounds wonderful..


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It was all wonderful!  And amazing because it was so touch and go.  I was just recovered from pneumonia.  Aaron was diagnosed with flu (he had his flu shot a month ago) and started tamiflu right away.  Luckily, he was back on his feet and ready to go in just two days.  He was calling himself the Flu Ninja.

I was plenty freaked though and wore a mask around him and a mask on the plane both ways.

But, I never got sick there and had a truly amazing time.  The staff was outstanding and the scooter saved my butt.  Everyone was glad I had it.  Now that I've been on the club level, it's going to be really hard to go back...lol.

I had chemo yesterday, but, except for being tired and goofy, I am doing pretty well.  My San Diego sister, Wendy, is coming in tomorrow with her son (my nephew).  Yay!   I can't wait to see them.  Keep fingers crossed that I don't get that awful serum sickness!

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I so enjoyed seeing you new picture on the scooter ..  Upgraded rooms, fresh flowers, food and drinks - Merry Christmas to you, and your most Wonderful Family...  Thank you - Santa Claus or someone wonderful play Santa!

Chemo yesterday - crossing my fingers and toes that all is well with you.  Positive thoughts and prayers going in your direction -

Enjoy your visit with Wendy and nephew - is this his 2nd year of College?

Strength, Health and Stamina --

Vicki Sam      ......    Go SAINTS!!!!   Week 17th coming up -  we need a win!   Love my Drew and Jimmy Graham #80   -  What about my Peyton - 51 touch downs this season - 37 years of age and going strong - Bless Him!!!


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Can you believe my nephew (Alex) has graduated?  Her youngest is, I think, a junior.  Chemo brain is a b&*$h...Lol.  We had wonderful visit.  I am pooped out now, but it was a lot of fun.  Disney then my visit with Wendy and Alex.  We went to tea at Windsor Court, ate way too much wonderful food and drank too much coffee.  Wendy kept making me nap and the caffeine was not letting me. ;-)

I am so excited about both Drew and Peyton.  One is in New Orleans and the other is from here and they are both just wonderful!  I am not sure my Saints have a chance in cold Philadelphia, but everyone in New Orleans loves them so much, they don't really mind.  Alex couldn't believe downtown NO the night of the last game.  Everywhere there were Saints fans. He said he wished the Charger fans were as enthusiastic. New Orleans is so grateful to Sean Peyton and Drew Brees that they are completely certifiable. Laughing

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Reading your post made me tear up (the good kind).


tell us more about Disney, did you meet a prince?

You can tell us... go ahead


Missed you CC


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Ayse sweetie, I love you too!  You are beautiful inside and out!

OK, I did meet a prince (of course Danny is my main prince...lol) and a princess at an unforgettable night at Fantasmic in the large arena where you watch the nighttime fireworks extravaganza show.

Fantasmic lets you ride your scooter into the arena and park it above the bleachers.  Your family sits in the bleachers directly below you and you stay on your scooter for the show.

Parked next to me were a "couple" who appeared young and beautiful.  Rachel looked like a model and Steve was a virile looking young man.  Both were in their 30's and, like a chemo brain moron, I wondered why they were on scooters (I wondered to myself).

Well, waiting for the show, my 5 year old granddaughter, Bella, fell in love (her "fourth boyfriend") with Steve's 5 year old Tyler.  We got to talking.  It turns out Rachel had Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4 at age 11.  She is now 36 and has two beautiful children and a sweet husband (not Steve).  Her cancer has stayed in remission, but she had very extensive chemo and radiation to get it there (long story).  She now has end-stage cardiomyopathy and is not a candidate for a transplant.  Her courage and loving spirit are amazing.

Steve was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) 2 years ago.  He was in dental school when he was told he had weeks to live without treatment.  He informed his residents the morning he was diagnosed, to get moving because he "had cancer to walk off."  He has had such a rough time: chemo, bone marrow transplant, donor vs graft, multiple infections (including one where he coded and ended up with a trach and in rehab for a very long time), and severe sclerosis of his legs and arms.  He met Rachel (a former social worker) at his cancer center and she, with her experience, immediately connected with his family.  Both families were in Disney together at the same resort.

The great news is that both young people are in remission.  The grim news is that they are both terribly ill still.  Did I ever mention how much I hate cancer?!

OK, this is sounding depressing, but these are two of the most upbeat and courageous people I have ever met-both with amazing, happy spirits.  I felt the night was very special and the connection was, like with so many here, real and immediate.

We bumped into them again at Norway's princess dinner and Bella immediately found boyfriend #4.

When I got home, it bothered me that I hadn't given them my contact info, so (I am sure this doesn't surprise anyone here), I googled Steve, ALL, dental school, and his state and his name popped up.  I then immediately connected with him and his lovely wife on FB and they gave me Rachel's FB info.  My daughter says they probably think I am a crazy stalker, but, an advantage of being old, I think or hope they are gaining some support that they needed right now.  Or at least this is what Steve's wife kindly tells my deluded self. ;-)

I don't know if they have benefited at all from me, but they have added so much to my life.  I feel renewed in my battle to inform and rale against the beast!

Of all of the amazing rides, wonderful memories, and Bella-isms, that was my favorite.  Life is a strange journey sometimes!


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Fantasmic is undiscribable...you must see it to "GET IT"...


all your problems seems to go away while hanging out the the mouse and gang


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