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Elevated WBC

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Hi everyone,

I hope and pray everyone is well or in the process of being well. I may not post often but i do follow each of the posts. I had CBC done yesterday to re-check WBC levels. They've been elevated for few yrs now. The last normal range I had was in 2010 (close to high end limit 9.2). He asked me to call him tomorrow for results. Its been running From Jan 2012 to June 2013 as follows:

    18.7 10.9 11.1 13.3 12.5 12 11.4   Normal range is 4-10 K/ul at the lab I get blood work done

This specific doc didn't seem concerned he said I could be the 2.5% of population that has higher than normal WBC. I asked him at what number would you be worried with my blood work from today. He thought for a little bit and said 15. 

Anyone else have experience with elevated WBC prior to any diagnosis?

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I am sure that you are familiar with WBCs results however, with Kyle's lymphoma his WBC and neutrophil counts were decreased when the Lymphoma was apparent. Again, I know your familiar with the counts yet, remember that most commonly WBCs are elevated when there is an infection. Yet, if your WBCs have been slightly elevated for awhile now it could possibly be due to stress that you have been experiencing. It's been a tough year! Your doctor knows your family history and I am sure that if he absolutely felt the need to further investigate, he would. If you do not feel comfortable with that, get a second opinion. 

Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.


Michelle and Kyle


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Thank you Michelle & Kyle, you put a smile on my face with the smiley as I know you both are well and happy when there is a smile. I was thinking of you both earlier today. I hope the new year will bring you both and your loved ones health and happiness... You're probably right, could be due to stress. Lots of luv and my best wishes as well... 

A side note: My Dad during his illness was saying the doctor had always told him prior to his illness that his white cells were high. I would usually go with him to his doctor appts, but dont remember his white cells being an issue so when he mentioned this to me during his illness i had told him Dad, if they were elevated enough and needed to be checked he would have checked it further. I wonder now...

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My blood counts were similar to Kyle's.  They were all low...especially my platelets.  In fact, the only time my white counts have been high were during the stem collection process when I was on the growth factor shots.

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Hmmm thank you for responding... Yes, I recall from my Dad's collection prior to stem cell transplant... The doctor asked me if I'm worried of leukemia, I guess it could be a type ofleukemia, I told him no, I'm here because the two previous doctors I've seen both had suggested I get repeat of blood work every 3-6 months. One doc is my doc since I was a teenage suggested 3-6 months, the resident doctor every 6 months. Its a teaching hospital I go to so they have resident docs as well as regular docs that go in when need be. My very best wishes to everything that's going on with you. Lots of pebbles along the way but sometime one has to go through all that before the big cure. Wishing you strength and positive attitude...

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Hi, I just got a call from the doctor, he said I'm at 12 again. He said because of your Dad we can send you to a hematologist. That's an option. I said to hiit could it be from stress he said no not in a chronic form. I saidon't not sick I don't have any infection going on. He said yeah you are fine so we can send you to a hematologist and see what they say. We could also continue monitoring it or just send you over and have themlook at it. Not sure if I should feel concerned or not...

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