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When is the most common timeframe to have the first post-surgery scan???

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My open radical was on Oct. 2, which got rid of my 4cm cubed tumor (named Edward) -- stage 1B, grade 3.   My first post-surgery urology and oncology appointments are coming up in January.   I just got the reminder in the mail -- and, apparently, I do NOT have a scan scheduled.   That really surprised me -- I fully expected to have a CT at 3 months post.

Can you guys let me know when you had yours -- and if this is the 'norm'??


Terri    Laughing

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It seems like after reading these posts for a few years that 3 to 6 months is normal. Like you my culprit was 4.2 cm. My wait, just under 5 months.



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Hi Terri, 

There are quite a few of us on here that have had our first scans at six months:)



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Well, my best guess is that the more your Dr thinks there may be chance of recurrance the sooner the first (and subsequent) scans.   I am on the 90 day plan.. my Doctor knew what I did not... 

Good Luck..!


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My first scan was six months....they found something nice and glowy in my lung.  That was removed.  Now it is every three months.

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I think it is pretty much related to the stage of the cancer (I through IV); and I will add, the protocol the Dr. is following.

Mine, at Dx, was Stage IV, having already mets to the liver and nodes. First surgery, then I had a CT every 3 months for the next year.  And luckily, between #3 and #4, a node was found to be enlarging, was biopsied and removed.

My oncologist felt that they had caught any errant cell growths, so over the following year, I only had a CT at 6 months and a year.  That second scan at 1 year found another enlarging node; this time confirmed on P.E.T. and surgically removed.

Here I am, 5 + years later, and I'm being weaned to a CT about every 6 months and will then probably go to yearly until at leat the 10 years free mark.

I'm aware that a CT has much more radiation, and the Dr. has sometimes substituted a combination Chest X-ray and Ultrasound of the Ab/Pelvis.

Next time you see the Dr. or oncology nurse, ask what his "standard" procedure and frequency will be for your case.

Meanwhile---have a HO, HO, HO season.


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Joe C
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Hi Terri,

Now I'm only a rookie having just had surgery on Dec 4, but my oncologist said something similar to Donna's team.  I'm on a 3 month plan at least until end of year and may progress to every 6 months after that. I'm stil waiting on final pathology, but my oncologist says it's looking like I should be at stage 3, grade 3, no mets and let me know the timing has a lot to do with the stage/grade.  Hope that helps!


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THANKS, everyone!!   I feel much better about not having a scan scheduled for 3 months post.   And I'll talk to my oncologist at the January appointment about what he feels an appropriate schedule will be for me.  

You guys ROCK!!  Laughing

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The biggest thing to me is knowing when your are going to have them and feeling like you are a part of the program vs. beung kept in te dark. I like the idea of asking what the protocol the are using....good for peace I mind

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Couldn't agree more!!   THANK YOU for chiming in!   Instead of waiting until January, I'll give the office a call tomorrow and inquire about the doctor's protocol (I'm assuming the oncologist would be the person to ask -- and not the urologist??)    I have no problem waiting until April, but I would rather know what to expect.   :)

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hi harleymom i was a T1a, stage 3 and my first scan was at 7 months.......they found a benign lump in my breast which was removed because of its size.  now they have me in for another scan in feb so its kinda every 6 months at the moment for me x

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