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Partial permanent hair loss??

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I went through aggressive chemo and radiation 11 yrs. ago and lost every bit of hair on my body. Eventually the hair on my head grew back and was very curly and thick...which I loved, having fine straight hair all of my life. But over time, it was back to fine...and one side of my head is now wavy and unruly and the side in front of my ear is very frizzy. I also have 2 very thin spots on my scalp that look like I'm balding.(cancer was on left side, this is on right side!) My eyelashes never grew in as full or  long  as they were, and again, the right side actually curls IN towards my nose! (lashes are too short for eyelash curler) . Never had underarm hair grow back (GREAT!!) and rest of hair is sparser, which is also ok. Just was wondering if others have experienced this...?

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After first chemo, I noticed that my leg hair never grew back much.  Maybe some of that is age, but I have to shave about 8 hairs on each leg...lol. 

Right now, I am waiting to see what will grow.  It seems my "under brows" are coming back first.  Sigh...life is not fair, is it?

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I have no Pubes. Finger and toenails eventually grew back.  I have leg hair like a bloody Clydesdale Horse (Winter insulation) LOL, Head hair is finally coming back with massive doses of Biotin!


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Double Whammy
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from chemotherapy 3+ years ago is permant hair loss.  But it didnt' happen 11 years later, I simply never got all of my hair back after chemo, which is a known side effect of Taxotere.  I keep my head shaved because the "stuff" I have on it is hideous - there is no amount of "draping" that will cover my crown and it's very thin everywhere else.   I now wear wigs which I have begun to finally accept as just something I do to look human.  I had my brows and lashes tatooed and I have eyelash extensions.  My hair loss is consistant everywhere.  And it is permanent.

I've learned a bit throughout this process -most notably: there are a lot of reasons for alopecia in women, including ageing and side effects from medications.  If this is a new event for you, you should visit your doctor who will probably run a bunch of tests (thyroid, autoimmune, etc.) and maybe refer you to a dermatologist.  In some instances this can be treated (i.e., if it's a thyroid problem).  And sometimes - there is no known medical reason for it and nothing works.  I've learned there are a lot of us bald women "out there".  The cause of my hair loss is known, but it can't be fixed.  Maybe some day, but probably not in my lifetime.  Stem cell research has made some strides, but hasn't even begun clinical trials yet. 

I hope your hair comes back.  It is devastating to be a bald woman.  I have several really nice (and inexpensive) wigs and my saving grace is my hair typically looks better than that of most women my age who struggle with color, style, and cut on a constant basis.  I get compliments from strangers on my "hair" and inquiries about where I get it done.  All the time.   It took me 2 1/2 years to accept this, but I finally have.

Good luck.  11 years later doesn't sound like it's from the chemo, but who the heck knows? 

Happy Holidays, Suzanne

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