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A Light Bulb Just Came On In My Head

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Hello All,

Those of you that have actually been through this nasty mucus stuuf, please correct me if I'm giving wrong information.

I see some of you posting about this strangling, foul tasting mucus & for some reason I didn't remember this until now. The last few times that Ron was hospitalized, he was provided with a suction machine to keep this stuff out of his mouth & throat. There was even one delivered at home for his use. Unfortunately, he never had a chance to use the one at home as it was delivered on the night of his final hospital admission.

Anyway, I was just wondering if this might help some of you.



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Many on here have used the suction machine to get rid of the mucous....my mom used one everyday of her life after having a laryngetomy.....and they are provided by the Medical Supply places and paid for by most insurance companies.


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P, I had my laryngectomy 2/28/12.  i still use the suction machine and don't see it ever going away.  the mucous never seems to stop.  i was told it would get better a few months after surgery but it never did.  i've come to the conclusion that it never will.

God bless,


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