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PET results

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jim and i
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As I stated in earlier post Jim had a PET from head to thigh on Tuesday but appointment for results not until January 14, 2014. Imagine our shock when the oncologist called yesterday with results. Nodules in lungs still progressing but slowly, cancer now in chest bones and left jaw bones. and fluid in left lung probably cancer but need biopsy to confirm. Jim said NOT on the biopsy. When I asked Jim if he was alright he said it wasn't what he wanted to hear but he was all right. I think we are both numb or in shock. We haven't told the kids yet. Kind of want to wait for the week to end so as not to interfere with their work. Trusting God to keep us positive. Prayers are coveted.


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Debbie good mojo and prayers for you and Jim.


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debbie, damn, damn, damn, cancer!!!  I'm so very sorry the results came back that way.  I don't even know what to say except I will be praying for you and Jim.  I wish there was something I could do for you.  It just breaks my heart when on of us gets news like this.  Sending prayers and positive thots your way.

God bless you,


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You and Jim are in my prayers.....and sharing positive thoughts.....


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I can't imagine the shock of what Jim has been told.  People keep telling me to BELIEVE....and I do every single day.  My dear sweet lady....you will continue to be in my daily prayers as always.  Don't keep the kids out of the loop for too long, you both will need their love and support as you already know.  Many hugs sent your direction !   Katie

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. as in PERIOD

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Prayers your way..., hoping for miracles, and peace....


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So sorry.  Please know you are in thoughts and prayers. 


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Just so sorry for your news. Will be sending good vibes & positive thoughts.



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Good thoughts and prayers for you both.


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As Matt said......Peace.... But the other side of me says F---K cancer.

T's and P's


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Sorry results weren't more promising. Hard to take. Prayers for you both. Keep fighting!

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