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its that time again.....

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By that I mean my scans. I have a CT tomorrow morning. The last couple years it has always worked out that I have one in mid December as Christmas approaches. Its funny how things go, I'm so busy with school finals and holiday prep that I have barely thought about it. Another plus is, I need to pre medicate for a couple days with a steroid as I am allergic to the contrast, and am really appreciative of the additional energy boost!!

No need to reply, just send positive thoughts, Thanks.

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Sending positive thoughts, good wishes and prayers your way for good results on your scan!

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Sending prayers and positive thoughts. Clean scan, NED for you!

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Hope you enjoyed the steroid boost! I am quite tired of having to take Prednisone. I am on my second round since November.

How did the scan come out?

Hope you are NED!



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..your scan already and I wish you the best outcome.


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