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I have symptoms unsure and awaiting a CT Scan

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 I went through treatments for STAGE II anal cancer I had a squamas cell..My dad and his mother both had the same cell but they had lung cancer and I lost both of them.My treatments of Chemo/Rad were completed in July.In september I had a very bad lung infection NEVER in my 39 years have i ever had a lung infection.I made it through that with lots of meds,inhalers,and breathing treatments.I had my port taken out in November and they dont have to put you completly under no ventitlaros just a local..so after surgery I coughed up a huge clot of blood and then again on the way home and then again that night..a couple a weeks ago and I started expereincing the best I can explain is vertigo..and this week I have started having small places on both sides of my ribs hurt..and when it hurts it hurts..please someone talk to me about your symptoms..my docs concerned and they have a CT Scan scheduled for this coming Tuesday..please input and thank you!~

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My symptoms were shortness of breath, fatigue and clubbing fingers.  Are they planning an MRI of the brain?  If the vertigo continues I would insist on one.  The blood may be left over from the infection.  It sounds as though the infection was still pretty recent and it would be best to let a bit of time pass so that you don't get false positive.  

After the 2013 ASCO meeting, they issued a report that stated 95% of nodules are benign and with a serious infection like the one you had, there are likely to be nodules.  That said, there's a reason why your doctor is the oncologist and I'm the patient. tj please update when you know more.  Make certain you see a lung specialist.  

My parents both passed away cancer lung cancer too.  It sucks that you have to go through this but I'm glad your doc is being cautious.  If they have to do a biopsy, INSIST that they do mutation testing.  


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I had a stiff neck and my left shoulder was sore, so, I saw my pain management doctor and he did an xray.  The tech saw something on the xray that looked like a lump on my lung.  So, they immediately had a CT scan done, which confirmed I had lung cancer.

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I was dxed 2b lung squanous in 2005. Symptoms were weight loss, extreme fatigue, a unending cough unlike any cough I have ever had and recurring bronchitis. Toward the very end before dx I started coughing up streaks of blood in my sputnum.

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Well tommorow will tell all..I hope it is nothing.. keeping my fingers crossed to this.. if it is nothing I will leave my fears there and move on with my life..hoping that this is the case!

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How did the scan go? Is it good news? 

I just read your post and just wondering. 

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