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Strange Hair Growth

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Hi. I know on other posts we have discussed hair growing back different color or different texture but Id like to ask if anyone has had any experience with hair simply not growing back in a certain spot or maybe growing in shorter than the rest.

After completing chemo for my IDC my hair started to grow back almost right away but rear left side of my hair is either not growing as fast or is breaking off as it grows. But the rest of it seems to be growing like before chemo.

Since noticing it I have let it grow out, cut it all the same length as the short area and let it grow back in 3 times and still that one area doesnt seem to want to grow.

Anyone else experience anything like this and if so were you able to find anything that fixed it?

I am also on Tamoxifen (10mg) for ten years but I havent found anything that says hair problems are a side effect of taking it.

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After chemo, I did not have a problem with hair growing back on my head.  It did come in curly.  I had  a problem on my legs.  It did not come back fully on either leg,  it came back in a couple of patches on each leg. 


Maybe you could ask you oncologist about it.




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Yes maam I did ask him and he just kind of said he didnt really know because it turns out different in each person.

I would trade places with u on the leg hair anyday.. my body hair growing like wild weeds but I need fertilizer for the back of my head LOL

Sorry, sometimes ya just have to laugh yanno

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I am not done with chemo (stage IV) but my hair is growing back, the back and sides are long and the top is only about an inch.  It has turn to a very white/gray.  My hair before chemo was brown with some streaks of gray.

My hair was very thick, this isn't the same texture.  Maybe when I stop (when Taxol fails) I might have it grow back the way it was.

Good luck,


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With the first 3 times losing it, it came in thin on top with a few.bald spots about a dime to nickel in size that didnt come back. It.camr in white each time which was the normal color, I had dyed it for years. This last time it came in grey mostly with some white, a little thin on top but no bald spots. It is also curly now. Looks like I have a perm from the 60's... But i am not comolaining. It is the thickest it has been in 12 years!
I may not.dye it again as it is a very pretty shiny grey/white.

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Thank you all so much for sharing. I dont feel so awkward about it now that I know Im not some freak of nature or something. I have had all kinds of thoughts run through my head after not being able to find out much info about it. Ive gone from pouting about having to maintain boyish haircuts to "OMG what if the cancer is in my head now?!?!" so now I can breathe a little sigh of relief. LOL Thanks again all of you.

God Bless & Good Luck to those still fighting!!

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Hi there, I lost all hair during chemo 5 and a half years ago.  Pubes first, then underarm/hair on head/ eyelashes and eyebrows (looked like a pig) then toe and finger nails......................

Nails are good now. nothing else grew back as it should, but I do have hair on my head, frustratingly thin but am using biotin now so fingers crossed.  Good luck hun xx


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Im sorry to hear of your frustration Tasha. Yes it is somewhat frustrating to me also but I try to tell myself it is a small price to pay for my life :)

Please fill me in on Biotin and your experience with it. Id love to hear more.


God Bless & Good Luck!!


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