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New Lump

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Went to the radiation doc today and found a lump on side of neck,the doctor said it was probably just from my thyroid gland nodule,Is asking me to keep close eye on it,If it gets any bigger to call him then,Would consider doing a ultra sound or something like that,Has anyone had this?I am a little over 7 mos. post now.Is this another normal?When I asked about it, I kinda lost all concentration from that point on and don't remember all the things he had said about it.Thanks for your replies

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folks on here, that after treatment find a lump on their necks.  Many times it has been scar tissue and nothing to worry about (tho how does one go through this treatment, find that lump and not worry?).  I think for my own peace of mind, I'd say...."well, I think I'd like that ultra-sound now, please".....I hate it when they tell me to watch something scary.....like, that would end up being the ONLY thing I'd do....watch the lump, feel the lump, have hubby feel the lump.....day in and day out.  Maybe call your Oncologist and get in to let him/her feel it....I don't feel bad playing them off one another ever.  They spend most their time pointing the finger at one another when some unforetold side effect comes up.....so fair is fair.  Or call you ENT and have him take a look....that's who I'd trust the most here where I am.

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I agree with Phrannie.  It is probably nothing but don't let it go unchecked.  My first met was a lump in the neck, no pain.  It was one year out.  Doctor really didn't think that it was much but went ahead and did a biopsy (ultrasound guided) and it ended up being more cancer.  I put the ABI in abi-normal.  Not intended to scare you but don't let it go very long.

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It is probably nothing and I hope it is nothing, but…………….

It just got a lot bigger when the rad onc felt it.  Knowing what I know now, I would be visiting my ENT and try to resolve the mystery as soon as possible.

It does not hurt to be overly cautious and quite frankly, after feeling (said) lump I think the rad onc will need a better wait and see argument to sale me sitting on my butt.



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definitive, I'd ask for an MRI or PET/CT or biopsy.  If I had pushed for one of these when I saw my PCP a year ago, my scc would not have metasticised to my lymph node.


Good Luck, 



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Showed up on a scan. Doc's exact words, "no time like right now, lets look at it, are you game she asked" I nodded. She numbed me up and a couple of minuetes later had a foot long needle stuck in the side of my neck. My wife had this horrified look on her face. I'll never forget it. Off went the biopsy. Turned out to be nothing. Tell him the sit and wait camp suckkkkkkkkkkkks and schedule a follow-up which can be an ultra sound or FNA or both.    

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Sucks for you..., like others, if you have an option tell him that for your sanity and peace of mind, you'd rather do the scan, biopsy, whatever to get a better idea if it is, or better yet, is not something of concern.


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