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Another PSA Question

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I do not see my Urologists any more simply because the information given here seems far more accurate and trustworthy.  At time of discovery my PSA was 200, and I have very extensive bone mets.  Two months after castration my Psa was 9.8, then three months later dropped to 2.3, and now, three months later dropped again to 1.4.  Is this satisfactory for my level?  My only med is Bicaltumide, but a huge amount of natural supplements as well.  My Gleason score was supposedly 3+4 = 7, but my experience here in Davao, Mindanao is not to trust any result or medical advice I receive.  For instance, after my castration, I developed a large swelling where one testical used to be and went to Utrasound to get diagnosed.  The Dr. said it suggested testicular cancer, but, of course, there was no testical there at all.  This has been typical of all my treatments here, and I would have been much wiser to have taken Vasco's advice and gone to Manilla.  My testosterone level is 0.19. Normal here is 2.6 to 8.0.  Oh, how I would love to restart my beloved testosterone shots again!!!  I have no pain and my bones are very strong, which my urologists insist is impossible, and also insist that I take Biophosphates, which I refuse to do.  I will be 82 in December this year, two weeks from now.  All my heart tests show I have the heart of a young man.

    Here is my experience so far.  I have always been a Gym Rat, and Pca devastated my body. I still work out, but my weights are so light that a girl could lift them. I still work out as hard as possible, but I cannot do the 2 hour workouts I used to do. One hour 15 mins is about as much as I can do.  Exercise is MUCH more difficult than before, but I surely do it.  Because I can no longer do as much work in one session as I would like, I will often do split work outs, one in the gym in the morning and one at home in the afternoon.  Working out is very tough for us Pca guys, but, boy, is it necessary.  And, it is also very rewarding.

    Family relationships have changed. In my case, that means my wife because I have had no contact with my two children for many years becasue they are both druggers and alcoholics.  My wife has made huge spiritual gains in the last 10 months with great attitude changes and acceptance  and abandonment of desire for material things.  My wife is 26 and quite gorgeous, so being married to an old man with Pca and no balls is a testing experience which she handles very well 90% of the time.  One of my teachers said that in marriage if you get 75% of what you expect, you are way ahead of the game, and be grateful for the other 25% because that is the gift for your spiritual growth.  Of course,this Pca is not just an isolated gift for the one who has it.  It is also a gift for our loved ones who may benefit as well from this experience.  We are all each others teachers just as we all are each others students, and every event has its own benefit.  Perhaps your End Time, which will come to you in any case, will be used to sponsor spiritual growth in those whom you love the most, and your End Time will be used to great benefit and is a great gift that you are leaving behind.  

All ways living love always.  With gratitude and love, Swami Rakendra

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Swami Rakendra, your posts never fail to move and inspire. I hope you and your very young wife enjoy a long time together. You are remarkable.

This whole PSA/T thing is a puzzle to me. I don't run with the "Huggins" crowd, preferring the out-of-the-box thinking of Harvard's Dr. Abraham Morgentaler. Since PSA needs T to be manufactured in the first place, and bicalutamide suppresses T, of course it is going to drop. But does this necessarily mean the cancer activity is reduced to the same degree, or that a rise in PSA means that the cancer is "more active"?  I don't think anyone can answer these questions. I have read maybe 30 books on PCa and cancer in general and there is no consensus, just a "standard of care" based on lord-knows-what drug studies where it is considered beneficial to survive for a couple of months longer than the group not on it. In Europe it is different. In Canada it is different. I know of a man who has had a PSA of 10 for 19 years. He is on ADT and has had bone mets for 16 years. I know of someone who had a PSA of 2, no widespread mets, and left this world prematurely. All I can say is that I believe lifestyle is the strongest ally. Keep lifting weights, stick with your vegetarian (?) low keto diet, and research, research, research all those supplements. Your body got you into this mess and it can likely still get you out. I bought Dr. Ralph Moss's PCa report for $300 and have been learning of some new supplemental allies. His research is impeccable.

Since learning he had "aggressive" PCa, my husband became very much more fit, lost 45 pounds, and looks and feels fabulous. Before this, he was heading for a heart attack. Also, I believe the laws where you live do not embrace the use of medical marijuana. That is a pity because some of the research into cannabinoids, particularly CBDs, is extremely encouraging on a number of fronts.

Milk Basic Protein (a capsule supplement) has been shown to inhibit osteoclast activity in the bone http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11388472, so should be taken along with other bone-building supplements. You can google it or PM me for the one I buy. We won't touch bisphosphonates either.

Finally, right up there with the complementary stuff and diet is belief...and you, dear sir, have plenty of that. Every thought we have creates either a positive or negative chemical reaction in the body. I believe thoughts can serve as cancer fuel every bit as much as T.  Wishing you peace and love. MLN


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"I do not see my Urologists any more simply because the information given here seems far more accurate and trustworthy."

Dear Swami, For the most part those who post here , although in many cases are somewhat informed, are not medical professionals and can only give lay opinions. Any of these opinions are not substitutes for professional medical advice. You need to seek  professional(s) that you trust for medical direction. In my own case I am a retired person from another field. I am not a trainned medical professional. I do not receive a a half a million dollars a year for my opinions.

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You again and again and again continue to fascinate me with your “lovely” posts. Your style in describing things, floating smoothly and without indentations puts me at easy. What a feeling. I wish you are there when my End-Time arrives.

Regarding your decreasing PSA I believe it to be good. I would take it with the meaning that the orchiectomy and bicalutamide and your life style is knocking down the bandit. Metastases in bone are difficult to “repair” but you are not experiencing pain and that is a relief. The adrenal gland is producing androgens, probably in higher quantities due to the lack of testosterone circulating in your body. The cancer knows how to “purify” these androgens transforming them into a powerful dihydrotestosterone. You could request for a DHT test to verify the status. You may request your physician to send the blood sample to a Manila laboratory (St Luke’s Hospital) or do the test on an opportune trip directly. Be vigilant with the periodical PSA tests and stop the bicalutamide if it starts to go up.

Family and the “environment” of Mindanao has been good to you.

Best wishes.

VG  Smile

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