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How did you guys manage it?


God bless,



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Milk of Magnesia, plain and simple. I have constipation issues 7 months post treatment and take 1-2 tablespoons every evening. Fun eh? 

Positive thoughts and prayers


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group with the title of my thread..."Let's talk bowels"....LOL.

I used Colace everyday (I took three of the things), and drank Senna tea when things got really tough (sometimes it worked a little too good so I pretty much saved it for the weekends).  I was still terribly constipated tho, and my time in the throne room increased to about 30 minutes....take reading material to pass the time and help you relax.  I got scared when things got bloody, but my Oncologist said as long as it bright red, not to panic....it's normal.

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I was fortunate to only have a couple bouts of it caused by the morphine. I took stool softener pills and that worked to clear the jam. Did not have to take on a regular basis after that. Just lucky on this one. Don

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I have the same answers as T, P & D.  Only a problem at the start of treatments.  I think mine was the results of using Zofran?


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Because that matters quite a bit in terms of how constipation should be treated.

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I was told certain drugs I was on caused this. So they put me on more drugs. Sounds like a bunch of crap but became wishful reality. I actually asked my Pharmacist who by the way I told should name an isle in the store after me with all the money they made off of me what product he had that would create alot of S--t.

Heal on


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Just a slough of nausea meds. I was doing fine until they put Emend in my IV last Tuesday for chemo. That locked me up solid. Didn't go Wednesday or Thursday. Yesterday I spent considerable time in the throne room and passed, what I thought, was the hardened plug. So, I thought more was sure to come later - but not so. Must not have passed all of the plug. So last night around 9 I took 3 stool softener pills and now I'm just uncomfortably waiting. lol.


God bless,


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the drugs cause motility problems.   Stool softeners may not be the fix for this.  Consider adding a laxitive to the softener.  And consider staying on something, so you do't have to go through this cycle agan, miserable as it is....



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in some stores it's called "Smooth Move".....especially with the long weekend coming, and you don't have to go to rads (my biggest fear was having the Senna tea kick in when I was on the table).  Anti-nausea meds are highly constipating....Zophran is notorious, I didn't know about Emend being constipating, and I only had it for 3 days every 3 weeks....but for sure if you're taking Zophran everyday, and not eating any ruffage, constipation would be a side-effect.


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Like Fishmanpa says MOM,(Milk Of Magnesia)seemed to work best of all of them,Good Luck

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have you had your thyroid checked? If you have hypothyroidism, and remember your thyroid id getting hammered, you will get severe constipation. Last year I started to have bouts of constipation and took MOM, in Spring this year it got so bad I went to the ER. I got throughthat and my doc tested my thyroid, I had also seemingly put on 10lbs overnight. My thyroid is shot. I take a sache of Miralax once a day and a couple of glasses of metamucil. Even though I am on the synthroid, the weight did not go. Doctor says my metabolism has slowed greatly. DEnis

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They gave me perscription laxatives, but somethimes I could not get it regulated.  I had to go to the hospital twice and get enamas.  You also get dehydrated when you are constipated.  It was pretty easy to go to MD Anderson emergency room and get the enema.  I would go early in the morning and be in and out.  I had to go twice for enamas.


Good luck...it is not easy to handle this.    Ann

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Like P51, I used the Colace, but in liquid form. I had the PEG Tube and would use the Colace one dose every other day. I was also using Nutrin 1.5 and would hydrate with water also, all thru the tube.  Hydration is very important any time we take any kind of Med's.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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jim and i
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As others said Milk of Magnesia but Jim added prune juice. This worked until he got sick from the chemo and it came up, then he wouldn't let me put it in his tube. He then went to stool softners which didn't work well. 6 months after treatment end he was hoispitalized and had surgery to remove his appendics and part of the upper and lower bowl because they had rotted. Do not stay constipated make sure you get hydration and take laxitives.


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My husband had the same problem the doctor told him Milk of Magnesia get the wild cherry flavor plain is awful.

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