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two primary cancers: colon and breast.

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Hello All,

My mother is diagnosed with two cancers, one in Sigmoid colon, and another in Left breast.

Surgeries were already done, and 2 rounds of chemotherapies were given for both, breast and colon

Recent reports have shows it has spread to liver, and CEA value has consistently increased, currently, 193.2.


Her chemotherapy has been changed after this, concentrating on colon.

Is it ok to give the Hormonal Therapy(HT) tablets also, as chemo is right now for colon alone.

Her Breast Cancer is ER+, PR+  Internet search says that Hormonal Therapy(HT) tablets have a good role here. But, I wanted to confirm.



New Flower
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 I am very sorry for your mother situationYes that is correct for ER+ and PR+ antiestrogen therapy or hormonal therapy (HT) oral medication, a pill , is very beneficial. Some colon cancer Chemo also can help against breast cancer as well. I hope you and your mother will see improvement soon.

Wishing you the best 

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Double Whammy
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We ER+ gals actually have hormone DEPRAVATION therapy with either something like Tamoxifen which blocks the hormone receptors on cancer cells from receiving estrogen or an aromotase inhibitor which blocks the production of aromatase produced by the adrenal glands that can then create estradiol.  We are not taking hormones - we're taking "anti-hormones".   I hope this is what you're describing and not hormone replacement therapy. 


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Rectal cancer (primary....squamous cell carcinoma) and breast cancer (adenocarcinoma, ER/PR+).  Breast was found during a PET for the rectal.


Treated stage 3 rectal first, Cisplatin and 5FU chemo, rads, surgery.  Then stage 2 breast lumpectomy, ACT chemo (not done anymore) and rads.


I am at 9 years since diagnosis this week.  No recurrance on either.  Still taking Tamoxifen, since studies have shown benefits past 5 years to taking it.  Now, even showing that this can keep VERY early stage BC in check, also a good treatment for osteoporosis.  Down side is increase risk of uterine cancer, but I had a total hysterectomy, so the cancer would need to go to my hospital's pathology department to find my uterus....*smile*....I felt like the chemo for the rectal weakened the breast cancer, the following chemo for the breast was 'clean up chemo' for the rectal...


I am not a doctor, but hope this helps....it was a double punch for me at the time, and I was reeling....


Hugs, Kathi

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