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Port for ManWithaMission

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Saw my surgeon today and he is putting my port in Nov. 26th. Not sure at what time, probably in the early morning. I will then start my Chemo on Dec. 2nd at 10 am. This is my first port and my wife says it's no big deal. (She had 5 ports put in the first couple of years for her chemo for Kidney Cancer back in 2001.) We shall see what we will see. :)


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Robert, the surgeon I really wanted couldn't fit me in for some time, so I picked another surgeon who was able to take me that week.  I was eager to get started because my treatment had already been delayed by nearly a month by the lab misplacing my biopsy orders (long story).

Anyway, the port went without a hitch.  My surgeon knocked me out with light anesthesia, so I had no idea the port was placed.  I was a little nauseated when I woke up, but I get nauseated if you look at me wrong...lol.  Zofran took care of that and then I was sent home.  I ate lightly that night. I really don't remember any problems. 

Thus far the port has been very accessible.  The nurses will spray your skin with a topical numbing spray before accessing the port, but I decline the spray because I hate the smell and I really don't have much feeling in my chest on the left side where it was placed.

Praying it all goes well.  I will be on the bus on Tuesday!

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I used "Emla" a prescription cream and put it over my port about 1 hour before I have chemo.  Therefore I never feel the needle going in.  I also have forgotten to put it on and it really isn't painful.  

I was sore for about a week after I had mine put it.  It is a lot better than the one I had put in the first time back in 1994.

Best wishes for a uneventful surgery.


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As with all of this, everyone is different.  I've had some tell me they had no problems at all after the port was put in.  I was much more sore than I expected to be.  It was actually more painful than my lumpectomy.  I was pretty sore for a good 2 weeks.  But, I'd rather have the port than a needle any day.  I also used the numbing cream - didn't feel a thing when the port is accessed.

Best of luck Robert and let us know how it goes.

Hugs, Debi

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Jean 0609
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I am so glad I had a port and I hope you will to.



Lynn Smith
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Hope you have no problems when the doctor puts the port in.Years ago I had become malnourished after given g the wrong meds for a bladder infection.I was throwing up daily.I had a port put in my neck(in the artery).I was scared but did what the person told me to do.Not move a muscle.That was important.Had the port a month.Where it was made it very uncomfortable and I had chest discomfort.Things have changed since then.

Glad they are getting the port in and starting your treatment very soon.Your doctor is wasting no time.

With your wife having a port in more recent years she knows it isn't like it used to be.

Lynn Smith

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Hi Robert,


I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday!  I have never had a port either but I have heard it is not too difficult of a procedure!



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Robert I had no problems with port put in and taken out.  Got a little sore a couple of times after chemo administered.  If that had continued you must tell them but mine soon went away.  Mush easier with a port, I hate needles even after all what has taken place.  Sometimes it seemed a little rough when they fixed the tube up to apply meds bit then I am a baby.  Really all went well.  Good luck.

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I was so glad to have a port.  I, too, applied  EMLA cream about an  hour before the port needed to be accessed.  I remember being sore for about a week after the port's placement, but not too sore.  I will be with you on Tuesday! xoxoxo


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2 1/2 years of chemo was so much easier with a pot. I love it. The procedure would have been uneventful. Only mixup was rn forgot to start the antibiotic in the IV. They were running about 2 hours late, then when I got to or, the PA asked about the antibiotic, I said didn't get one. He called up to the floor and it was still there. RN brought it down, it was a 2 hr flow, so by the time I got out of recovery it was almost 5p.
No food or drink was the worst part of it.
18 hours later I was getting my first infusion.... funny, I was so scared and the procedure was so uneventful.

Robert, this was the one procedure that helped to make all the chemo, scans, and blood draws etc so much easier. I am so glad that you have a wife who has the first hand experience to help ease your nerves with these procedures, yet I wish more than anything that neither of you have to know this firsthand!

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Robert, I am sorry you need it, but the port, in my opinion, will make things so much easier for you.  I had no problems when it went in and none when it was removed.  I am adding my prayers along with everyone who wishes you well.

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yesterday with your port.  I didn't have any complications with my port.  Easy access for someone with poor veins like me.  Wishing you the best and keep us posted.  I will be thinking about you as you start your treatment. {{hugs}}


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Christmas Girl
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Hope the port surgery last week went OK.

Am so very sorry to learn here that you're starting chemo today. Hoping, even more so, that it will be of maximum effectiveness.

Kind regards, Susan



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