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Surgery is booked!!

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I got a phone call this morning. I will be saying good bye to "Arnold" the tumor on Monday, December 2nd.

It is the day after my birthday, so I will have to celebrate "lightly".

Just wanted to let you guys know!



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I guess you get to skip the cake and Ice Cream for your birthday in favor of licquid plumber.


Bye, bye Arnold.



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Adios, Arnold! And don't come back now, ya hear!  Hope all goes well. Please keep us posted!!

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Jojo, I am sooooo happy to hear you finally have a surgery date to bid farewell to Arnold!!  If memory serves, I think I read in an earlier post, you'd be having a partial neph.  Is that still the case, or will you be having the whole kidney removed? 

Whatever the case may be, I know you'll do fine.  You'll have many other birthdays to enjoy cake and ice cream, once you kill Arnold. 

Until then, try not to worry too much.  Keep us posted!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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Joined: Oct 2013

Arnold pretty much obliterated his digs - my kidney is toast. So the whole thing is coming out.

And thank you! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too! I am thinking we all will be counting our blessings.


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Funny how we name things  ..... i called mine a fat lazy freeloader ... seems it had a good few unpaid holidays on me :) Plus board and lodging! I couldnt give it an actual name lol.

I hope your surgery goes well. I had mine end of july and apart from some bulging I am doing ok. Hopefully.

Michelle x


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Hit the road Arnold! We don't need your stinking kind around here!

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And with a drug induced hang-over, no less.  Having the day set is always a big relief.

When all is finished, you'll soon be able to get up and walk, pass gas, go to the bathroom, cheer when they accidently leave a noodle in your broth, and suck air (inhale deeply using the inspirometer).  Welcome to the world of post surgery and becoming a kidney cancer survivor.

Hope the next 2 weeks whiz by.  Enjoy your Turkey Day.


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I suggest you celebrate your birthday early. Then show Arnold who is the boss. Hope you have an easy recovery. Ron

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Each one of you gave me quite the chuckle!

Great to have some fun at Arnold's expense, isn't it?




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Wow, never thought of "naming" our tumors? Cute. but why the name Arnold?


May you know continued health and easy recovery. May your birthday remind you how special you are to have this life !

ENJOY best you can~ what are your plans for your birthday?

Warmly, Jan

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Joined: Oct 2013

Hi Jan,

Arnold got his name from the line, in Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie "Kindergarten Cop" where a little kid says something about a tumor, and Arnold says in his accent "It's not a tumor!!"  Every since I was told about the tumor, my hubby has been saying that line. It makes me laugh every time.

Although....because this tumor is such a pain, I considered naming it after my ex-husband....but well...don't really want him back in my life in any which way. lol

Thanks for your nice wishes. Not sure what is up for my birthday...but I am pretty sure that chocolate will be involved! ;o)



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