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IVC Filter

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Has anyone ever had one put in? I'm reading mixed reviews about it online. 

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My husband had one.  The implantation was easy.  It seemed to do the trick.  It gave his thrombosis doctor peace of mind.  He couldnt take the full treatment dos of blood thinner so we had to rely on the filter.  It did not cause his pain or discomfort.  Forgot it was even there.

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My brother had one put in yesterday. He had emergency surgery for huge clots that went to the lungs and were clogging the artery (?) to the heart. 

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I read in another thread that this was done to your brother without your consent and that you continue to have issues with communications among the staff.

I know you are working the system to try to get this resolved which is appropriate.

I would also suggest that you make up neon colored signs in big and bold letters to post on his door and in his room over the head of the bed that the patient is not able to make medical decisions and refer them to his chart.

I know this should not have to be done, but perhaps until you get the staff on board, it might help to prevent another situation.


Just a thought...from when I was at the ER with sister...they had pockets attached to the door for important info such as this.

Marie who loves kitties

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This is a great idea!!! I think I'm going to do that tomorrow. You're a genius! I've been so aggravated, I haven't been thinking straight, so this never would have crossed my mind.


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