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Erbitux again

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my oncologist told me,if he did a scan and the lung mets are growing I am not able to go back on erbitux?  So he's not super keen to scan and will watch CEA.  anyone else experienced this??     Mind u if they are growing it's obviously stopped working anyway?.......

then I'd seriously consider surgery


woukd appreciate your opinions

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I disagree with your doc ... in fact, I'll disagree with any doc who will waive scans in favor of monitoring disease using CEA. Scans are the best tool to track the course of this diseaase and knowledge is power. Whether you're able to go back to, remain on, or move on from Erbitux is not a decision that can be made based on CEA numbers. THere are other treatment options and why not deploy them now as opposed to later?

If I were in your shoes, I'd ask for the scan and base treatment decisions on what the scans reveal. Wishing you the best with whichever course you embark on.

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You should get the scan just to determine if they are growing, but please don't rely on CEA for determination if you have cancer or not, it's just not a reliable test, whereas a scan is.  I'm not sure about your treatment, but if it is growing, you are right, it's not working.  There are other options out there for you to try though.


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Onc doesnt make sense.  What else are you taking. What is your cocktal. 

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