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Stroke as probability due to radiation to the neck?

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Does anyone has information regarding to the assocation of radiation treatment to the neck which may cause stroke down the road due to the damage of the blood vessels?

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i'm not sure if its a stroke they watch for but i do know they watch the atteries b/c of radiation.  they listen to them with the stethscope to make sure they sound right.  i only know this b/c i read about it hear and ask my ent onc and they said yes, you have to watch them for blockages.   the test they do is called Carotid Doppler test.  symptoms that may indicate u need the test are dizziness and liteheadedness.  i wish i knew more.  please post whatever you learn so the rest of us will know also.

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stenosis of the cartoid arteries....that's what they are listening for.  There are fixes for that, tho.....so it's not something I've gotten overly concerned with.  I'm way more nervous of my swallower going to hell down the road, or getting fibrosis of the neck muscles...they seem to be more common.


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I had a very minor stroke in 2008, (TIA) no damage. It was determined that my left carotid artery was to blame 95% blocked, right artery was a little over 25%. Had a endarterectomy on my left carotid and cleared it out. In 2009 I had the radiation for throat cancer. Have had checkups on the arteries ever since. I have had ultrasounds. 4 and 1/2 years later left carotid is completely clear andf the right still the same. There is some stenosis (hardening) but nothing dramatic with that, in fact the doc said "see you in two years". Denis

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It's probably less than the probability of not surviving cancer without radiation...

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I had sudden loss of vision in my right eye this spring due to an embolism from clot formed in my right internal carotid artery.  The artery was almost 100% occluded.  I had a stent placed on that side, and have recoverd most, but not all of the vision.  Carotid artery disease is known to associate with radiation for head and neck cancer.  here is a typical reference:  http://archotol.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=404525

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My doc told me the same regarding possible side effects - and that they would use ultra sound to check it in 5 years - Steve

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