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Scam Message

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I just received an e-mail notifying me of a private message on CSN. When I opened the message, it was one of those "Nigerian scam" offers of  money ($8.3 million!) from a "helen14" in Cape Verde. Disappointed to see the CSN infected.  

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Unfortunately spammers, scammers & snake oil salesmen are some of the hazards on CSN. Anyone receiving this type of spam/scam email should immediately report it to CSN admin. Click on the "Contact CSN" feature, located on the upper right side of the screen. Follow the prompts. Include as much info as possible about the email, such as a copy of the scam content & an email address, if available. Best not to click on any links in the email. CSN admin can usually access the scammer/spammer IP address, block future posts/emails from that address & close their "account." Although sadly, those nefarious groups just seem to move on to other IP addresses and different user names. Logged-in members can flag spammers' posts & report scammers to CSN. The rest is up to CSN admin. 


johnny p
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Yeah I had one of those as well.Seemed like some nice old lady just to suck you in.


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CSN Users,

We have identified Helen14 as a spammer, and the account has been deleted. Please do not reply to the personal email address that they listed or share any personal information with them.  While we have taken measures to protect the site from scams and abuse, it still occurs occasionally.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for understanding,


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