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CEA result,please help...

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Dear Everyone,


Im so afraid, so I was thinking to write a letter here, and ask for help...

To my Mom, mwas made CEA, and the result is 0.60 mg/ml. The result will be read only in December, but until this time, I guess, I will loose my mind, I am so so afraid;( 

I dont know, this CEA level is so dangerous? Can somebody give to me an answer regarding this question? Thanks in advance for the help...

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Nana b
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Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)

CEA is not used to diagnose or screen for colorectal cancer, but it’s the preferred tumor marker to help predict outlook in patients with colorectal cancer.

The normal range of blood levels varies from lab to lab, and smokers often have higher levels. But even in smokers, levels higher than 5.5 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter) are not normal. The higher the CEA level at the time colorectal cancer is detected, the more likely it is that the cancer is advanced.

CEA is also the standard marker used to follow patients with colorectal cancer during and after treatment. In this way CEA levels are used to see if the cancer is responding to treatment or if it has come back (recurred) after treatment.

CEA may be used for lung and breast cancer. This marker can be high in some other cancers, too like melanoma, lymphoma, thyroid, pancreas, liver, stomach, kidney, prostate, ovary, cervix, and bladder cancer. If the CEA level is high at diagnosis, it can be used to follow the response to treatment. CEA can also be elevated in some non-cancerous diseases, like hepatitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and pancreatitis, and in otherwise healthy smokers.


hang in there,  your Mom is in normal range.  

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Dear Nana B, 

I cant write here, how glad I am, and thank you, for your answer. 

Now, I feel better....

My Mom has a gall bladder surgery 4 years ago, and sincs than after nutrition she has diarrea. Yestreday was also discovered that she has some swallows on thyriodea. 

She lives in Romania, I live in Hungary, and when I heard this CEA levels, I felt so terrible:(((((


I belive you, If you say, t hat this is a normal range. 

I am very greatefull for your help, and wish to you all the best. 

And to all members i wish health,endurance, faith , belif in life.


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I don't think .6 is a high CEA.  Did they tell you this was a dangerous level?  Maybe they measure it differently in Europe.

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Nana b
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Having gallbladder removal she needs to watch fat intake. The liver can't break it all down fat well without the help of the gallbladder. Hope she gets better. 

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This information is based on a Bayer Assay which uses 2.5 as a high normal for non smokers. 

Most normal persons have detectable concentrations of circulating CEA. Approximately 85% of healthy adults have CEA levels less than 2.5 mg/mL, while 95% have levels less than 5.0 mg/mL. CEA levels are slightly higher in men than women. The median level is 3.4 mg/mL in men and 2.5 mg/mL in women. Healthy persons seldom have levels above 10 mg/mL.

A study in nursing homes of patients with NO cancer found:  Older people have higher CEA levels which are suspected to be caused by inflamation from arthritis or other conditions, benign breast conditions, polyps or inflammed hemmorhoids, etc. 

Other non-malignant diseases include benign uterine, cervical and vaginal, benign ovary, and benign male genital as well as other benign conditions.Elevated serum CEA levels have also been detected in patients with nonmalignant disease, especially patients who are older,

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