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The Scan was with me!

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It feels odd for me posting good news.  The doctor said that the radiologists report shows one node with minor cancer activity.  My doctor is qualitified to read PET and CT scans so he took a look at them too.  He said the activity is minor and significantly less than the last PET scan.  He feels that "it is on it's way out" (the PET scan was done only 10 days after last chemo).  So he's declaring me "clean".  He already talked to the BMT doctor and they arranging it so I can get into the stem cell transplant before Thanksgiving.  He doesn't want to wait due to the aggressiveness of the DLBCL.  (and I 100% agree with him!!!)

So now the cancer just needs to behave for the next ~17 days...completely unaware that it is the beginning of the end for itself. 

Obviously, I'll continue to post but I don't think I say "thank you" to you guys enough...so THANK YOU!

Jim...I know you have scans/results next week...so "May the Scan be with you!" (and to anyone else waiting on results).

Faith, family, friends, positive attitude, prayer...and a ton of toxic drugs will do wonders for a guy!

My plan is to live forever!  So far; so good!

Talk to y'all soon.


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Karl, I am so very happy to hear this news. Shhhh, don't tell those tiny remaining DLBCL cells. . .it will be our little secret.

Great news on the green light to your SCT before Thanksgiving. You really will have much to be thankful for this year; you probably won't care anything about that leftover turkey sandwich. But you will probably be ready for a glass of bubbly for New Years.

My prayers for you will continue, my friend,




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Wonderful news, that is, karl.  My day it made!  For the good wishes thanks.  

Strong with you, the scan is Wink .  Yes, hmmm.

Hugs - Jim (Yoda?) LOL

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Hi Karl,

  That is really good news! Steady progress is all we can ask for and it sounds like you are well on your way to kicking this darn cancer to the curb. I always think about you getting your treatments at Area 51 and it makes me chuckle thinking about aliens Surprised and all the stuff we've heard about that place. Wink Hang in there friend and keep us up-dated with your upcoming SCT. Best wishes....Sue

(FollicularNHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 63) In remission

Mary N.
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Sounds like good news.  I will be doing the happy dance.  I sure hope that you are able to reall get ride of this stuff we live with!!


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