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Joined: Sep 2011

God has blessed me once again even as I carry on my sinful affair with NED!  All joking aside, this was my 3 1/2 year check up for UPSC.  All is good, some new issues, some old ones, but I am enjoying the after- glow right now and will take care of the other issues as I feel like it!   Basicly, everything else can go to H@#44 for a while!!!  Debra

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Take it from the self-proclaimed expert on sinful affairs: 3-1/2 years is not an affair. It's a long-term meaningful relationship, practically a marriage. You and NED are together for a long haul. Stay healthy and happy!

Posts: 125
Joined: Sep 2010

I have been following your latest activities - you do seem to know of which you speak!  HA HA 

Congrats debrajo - NED thank God NED is a two-timing SOB - I am dancing with him so far too - 3 years last month. I don't mind sharing him with all you women - I wish he would do us all! xoxoxo


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Joined: Feb 2013

I also just had my 3 and a half year check-up and am NED like you.  Yahoo!  And congrats to you.

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Joined: Jun 2012

That was wonderful news to wake up to.    You and NED are meant to be together but I hope you don't mind if he cheats a little with the rest of us.

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Congrats Debra!

Happy Dance


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Joined: Apr 2011

Congratulations.  That is great news.  You are 1 1/2 years more than me but I like NED too!  trish

debrajo's picture
Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

Thanks everyone!  I am more than happy to share NED with everyone forever!  Love having all of you as "sister-wives"!  Here's to NED...long may he keep us in the manner in which we have been accustomed too.  This is one affair I am sure God will forgive!  Love to all  and blessings too!  Debra    

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Joined: Mar 2013

I can't wait to get there, and by the time I do you will be this far ahead of me!  I hope we all keep chasing you!

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Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

You will get there soon...I just know it!  We seem to be living in an age that things like DNA, genes, new approches are becoming everyday occurences!  I believe it Will come in our lifetime...a real cure,not just a little fix!   Don't mine me, I'm still giddy with relief!  LOL  Debra  

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Just fighting over ned.  Last time I spoke to him he said we will all have a really long share of him.  Yippee!!!!!

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Joined: Mar 2013

nempark, I am sorry if you took our comments as any other way, but we are all very happy for her.  We are all at different stages in this journey and it is good hear where people are as it gives those of us who are newly diagnosed, have just finished treatment, or are waiting to hit even one year NED the hope that there are other warriors out there who are beating this beast. 

No one is "fighting over ned" and I don't believe the other women here are implying that either. 

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Joined: Oct 2013

I am sure that is not what nempark was implying! She was celebrating the fact that so many people are NED at the moment. I am just starting my fight with UPSC and I am so uplifted by all the stories I have read here.

debrajo's picture
Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

LOL nempark!  I would be the biggest hussie in the world if I could just stay with ned forevey!  Heck, I would even join his HUGE harram if we all could stay with him! Besides, I've been married for 44 years...change is GOOD!  Debra

Posts: 145
Joined: Sep 2009

I am certainly fighting over NED and I hope that he spreads himself around.  The more the merrier!!   Big plus Debra and certainly don't stress the small stuff for a while..enjoy this.

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Just seen your post and wanted to say how happy I am that you are still with NED!  Long may it continue!

Kindest wishes

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