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My vacation

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went to Orlando...sunny and warm. We swam everyday except one due to rain...went in hot tub at night...went trick or treating by the pool and got lots of candy. Watched movie by pool on big screen..FrankenWienie. Went to Downtown Disney twice...Gherdellis Chocolate..had hot cocoa with Carmel and sea salt ...next time banana split..yum. Came back well rested..had my labs drawn yesterday and will have chemo Friday. On my bad days I will put myself back to Orlando.stay strong....who is next going on vacation?...Val 

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Good luck on Friday Val! Are we still on for Niagara Falls?


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on for our meet in the Falls. We will set up a time and date in middle of November...one week in bed and then slowly getting around. Looking forward to meeting you teal sister. Good luck the your trial...kick butt...Val 

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Glad you got to get away, Val.   I went there in July.  A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to New York City for two days.  Saw a couple of shows and shopped.  Had a good time.


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I'm glad you had a great and yummy time.  Hope this next week goes as well as possible and you feel good again soon.


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I am so happy that you had a great vacation.  You deserve some fun "R & R" and the chocolate sounds positively divine.  I'm hoping that all goes well for you as you prepare to resume chemo.


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I love the way you vacation! I'm going next week with my whole family. I'll write all about when I return.

                                                            (((((((HUGS))))))))   Maria

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