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Strange side effect of chemo...

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This is a strange one...at least to me.  Several weeks ago I completed 6 rounds of chemo for a large abdominal tumor (DBCL stage IV with the only other involvement being in the bone marrow).  The post chemo CT scan shows me in full remission.  My oncologist wants me to have 15 sessions of radiation starting next week to lessen the chance of reoccurance.  

Nothing to do with the cancer (that I know of) is the fact that I have always had very large tonsils for as long as I can remember.  Ever since childhood every doctor that has looked down my throat has commented on how large they were.  Regardless of whether I was sick or not, they were always there and always very big.  Imagine my shock a couple of days ago when I looked at my throat only to find them gone!  Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Not just smaller... 100% not there.  It's like I had a tonsillectomy and someone forgot to tell me!  

My oncologist doesn't seem to be concerned.  I can't find anything online about this particular 'side effect'.  Not complaining mind you, but has anyone ever heard of this???  Toni


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