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National Race to End Women's Cancer

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Warriors, I don't know exactly where I should start.  The Foundation for Women's Cancer, which raises money for research on gynecological cancers, had the race this past weekend in DC this past weekend. 

Saturday there was a course on Uterine and Ovarian cancer and it was really good to hear what leading surgeons had to say about current and future treatment.  I think they were even a little surprised by the in depth, quality of questions from the groups, and what a treat to be able to get to those on the cutting edge.  The opportunity to play with the robot used to preform many of our surgeries was truly fascinating!!

The Sunday walk was inspirational.  I had the opportunity to meet some others I have met through this board (ccfighter I am going to meet you next year!) I really had to share with you the story of a woman I met today.  She was diagnosed with Stage 3 UPSC and a second cancer (not related to the UPSC) in her fallopian tubes.  In 4 days it will be 5 years of survival. 

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.

After my journey last year, this was really such a wonderful weekend.

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I agree- the conference was very informative, the dancing to NED (a band of gyne oncologists) Saturday fun, the race inspiring. 

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So glad you had fun.  It sounds very energizing time.  And it was for Women's Cancer which supports just the cancers below the belt, which I think is fabulous.  I work for a government agency and they do the combing federal campaign every year.  I saw that Foundation for Women’s cancer is one of the charities I could choose and I was in such a hurry when choosing which charities to give to that I missed giving to this one.  Oh well I know now and can chose it next year.  I did donate to your team so at least I got some money to them this year.  Glad you represented us ladies at the run.  trish

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Of course all the other wonderful women on this board as well.  As funding dries up even more, our cancers will not be getting the monies it needs so it was so good to be helping ourselves for once!  They talked about our aggressive subsets of uterine/endometial cancer - I felt legit finally!!  

Really, for all those who can give, we need to remember a place that addresses our cancers.  :)

BTW - thank you!!!

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For all of those who may want to watch the day of presentations given for the Uterine Cancer Course on Saturday, November 2, a video was made and posted on the Foundation for Women's Cancer's website, http://www.foundationforwomenscancer.org under "Spotlight" in the lower, left hand corner.  Below is the link to the youtube videos as well.

It was a day of presentations, so if you are interested you will want to set aside some time. 



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Thank you for sharing the link to the talks, and for being part of the race. It sounds so inspiring, and of course an important cause.  I am noting it on my 2014 calendar.

I was glad to hear one of the speakers advocating early screening for and treatment of lymphadema.  Now to get the word out to other docs, and the insurance companies …



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Thank you for sharing about the race and weekend events. I will put in on my schedule and hopefully will meet some of my insirational heros (you all on the UPSC forum)!


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