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Hello everyone, 

Just wanted to alert everyone on this site that scammers are creating profiles and sending private messages to members. They first talk about how their spouse and children died and how they were recently diagnosed with cancer and only has two weeks to live and has millions of dollars in a bank in West Africa and no use for it. They go on to say how the Lord lead them to you and that is why they are contacting you and would like to transfer the money to you because they have no next of kin. They then go on to ask for your info and how their lawyer will arrange the money to be transferred to you and you should not tell any one until the money is transferred to you. This is the name of the person they say you should contact and give your information to : bofosudorte@yahoo.com David Ofosu Dorte. If you google the name you will see in the news and on the web that its a scammer! 


SHAME on them for coming on this website to manipulate and rob people! Do not let them win!



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scams similar to that have been going on for a few years :(  They somehow send it to email addresses, on Facebook, Twitter, and any type of group (like this one) that you're a member of.  It's horrible the amount of people who fall for it and end up having their identity stolen and their personal information hacked.  Thanks for the head's up! 

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These things have been going on for ages. I scam 'em back. I love stringing them along. Gave me something to do all those months during treatment and recovery ~lol~ 

I wrote a sob story letter about my cancer and how I'm part of the 99% here in the US etc. I tell them I don't need that much money, just enough to pay for some of my meager life and that I'll donate the rest to H&N cancer victims and their survivors in both our names ;)  I'll open an account with $1 in it and send them the account info if they agree. I never hear back ~lol~



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T...that is so funny!  I love it! 

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I'll send Greta a link to this thread....

Thanks for the info...

BTW, you can also copy and send the message to GRETA on here, she's the CSN Forum admin....


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