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Mood swings

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Good evening ladies,

Hope you are all doing well!! Tongue Out


Ok, here goes... I've become Sibil since my surgery. lol, but really

I'm having the WORST mood swings. Angry as hell one minute, laughing and or crying the next. I really don't feel like the old Crystal anymore.

I'm having trouble staying asleep, body aches, and at times a night sweat (I asume it to be a night sweat)

At times, I just don't want to be around anyone it's (gona be hard to work that way)

Anyone experiance any of this?

I go for my follow up on Monday.. I will ask him about all of this.

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I go through this all the time (minus the night sweats) but it has nothing to do with the cancer.  It has to do with my bipolar symptoms.  Will pray for you that the doctors can come up with a plan to combat the side effects of the hysterectomy.


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Dear Crystal:

I have been going through the same thing.   Further, I get quite aggitated (although I don't let the person know it) when people complain about such mundane things.   I have a very low tolerance to that!   I go through periods of everything you have.   I sometimes think that my body still goes through the "menstrating symptoms".  I think though now (since I had my hysterectomy at age 45), I think I am going through menopause as I am having hot spells again (mine are at night too).

In any event, I am thinking of you on your appointment.   I hope everything went well.


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