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Prayers for Jim

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jim and i
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Please pray for Jim's comfort. His pain is increasing but he refuses to take the pain meds until bedtime. His stamina is decreasing daily. However he still continues to fish every morning. He says that he will have to go to live bait where he can sit in a chair as the walking the bank and casting is wearing him out. Only a die hard fisherman can understand this, right John. Keep him in your prayers and say one for me if you can.


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debbie, i'm sorry to hear this.  Praying that the pain will ease up and he can still enjoy fishing.  also hoping he will take the pain meds 2 help.  saying prayers 4 u also.  God bless u both.


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for Jim and you Debbie.  I wish there was more to offer....but you know you're both in my thoughts.


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praying for both of you!!!

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Jusat said a prayer now and both of you will be in my thoughts!

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Prayers and good thoughts for you and Jim.

Keep fishing my friend,


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Debbie, I'm sending prayers to you both...


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Wishing you both prayers.  What is it with men and pain medication?  Mine won't take his like he should either but I can see the pain in his face and movements. 


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Prayers for you and Jim. I hate to hear that the pain is increasing. May God bless you both.



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Maybe it will help relieve some pain but not knock him out. 



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jim and i
Posts: 1788
Joined: May 2011

He won't even take a full dose at night. Yiu are right, MEN.

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Sending those prayers for..., that big fish..

I wish there are some miracles left out there to give you guys the strength and endurance, and some healing to carry Jim on for a long time...


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Sending prayers your way and yes I can understand the die hard fisherman.

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Praying.  I Am thankful he has his fishing.  I am sure that is his therapy and he finds a happy place when there. I will absolutely be lifting you up also.


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Both you & Jim will be in my prayers tonight. 


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Prayers for you both coming your way from Singapore. Keep bringing the fish in Jim.

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jim and i
Posts: 1788
Joined: May 2011

Thanks everyone. I could not survive without your support and prayers.

Bless You all.


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T's and P's for both.........and to all battling through cancer.


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Doing what he loves to do: I know when I am not feeling very well for some reason just being in my shop with all my tools and engines makes me feel better. Even if I just pull up a chair and sit and do nothing, maybe because I am in the environment that I love. Encourage him every day to keep doing what give him pleasure to do. Keeping you both in prayer


God Bless

Tim Hondo  

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Jan Trinks
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Praying for both of you as always.  Glad Jim is a die hard fisherman and figured a way  to still fish without wearing himself out too much!


Jan (Basketcase)

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prayers your way.  Ann

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