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Craig in hospital for surgery - Updated on main post

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Craig's wife just posted on FB that Craig has been diagnosed with Appendicitis and will be having surgery today.

Please send up your heartiest prayers and good vibes and well wishes for him.

Marie who loves kitties


Craig had his surgery.  However it was infected so they are leaving the surgical wound open to heal rather than stiching it closed.  This means he may have to be in hospital a bit longer.  This also may keep him from getting to see his great niece "Little Miss Sunshine" whom he has told us about.  Hope that can be rescheduled as I know she would be a real boost to him.


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are on thier way....love to you both ,hang in there....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Thanks Marie. When it rains it pours. Craig is always in my prayers but I will for a speedy recovery as well.

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Thanks for letting us know...praying for a quick and easy recovery!

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Craig, will be thinking of you.  I'm sure you will breeze through the surgery.  Please keep us posted if possible.

Thanks, Marie!

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This was a surprise. I wish you a speedy recovery.


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Oh my goodness!  On top of everything else, he gets this!   

Craig dear, I hope that things go smoothly and that you'll be back home and feeling better soon.



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Thanks for the information,sending prayers for a quick recovery,and good vibes.Wishing you well.

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Thank you so much for passing the information our way!

Sending strength and continued prayers.

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Thanks Marie,

Will be thinking of "our guy" & hoping for a speedy recovery.



Fight for my love
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OMG. My prayers are on the way. Hope for the best for him and a speedy recovery.

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Sending prayers for a quick, uneventful recovery.


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it's terrible to think when someone is hospitalized that "thank goodness it's appendicitis" instead of some horrible cancer event, although appendicitis has it's own scary problems if they don't get to it in time.  I'm thinking of you Craig and sending every powerful wish your way that the surgery is quick and the recovery uneventful, I worry because you have been undergoing chemo treatment and this makes your surgery even more scary, I await good news, and you are in my heart and mind dear friend.

Winter Marie

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Craig, I hope that this surgery goes well and you're on the road to recovery soon.   Soryy that you have to deal with one more thing.  Take care, Traci

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Feel well soon.


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I sure hope you get thru this surgery successfully and without any complications and Kim, hang in there, I know just how difficult this is for you also.

Love and hugs - Tina


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So very sorry and will send prayers up for a succesful surgery and fast healing. 


Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Craig, I am so sorry to hear you need surgery.  Prayers that you may heal in haste.



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Your in my thoughts and prayers


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Thanks for the update Marie - so sorry Craig is not only going through all of this, but also may miss his visit with LMS!  Fingers crossed that he can still get that visit!

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Poor Craig...it's just one thing after another.  I'm glad he at least got his magazine out before this hit.  I hope that gives him a little lift.

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Who needs that little old thing?  Not Big Billy, better to be rid of it.  Thanks for the update.  Craig, I hope you know we're all wishing you well.


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Joined: Sep 2012

Thank you once again Marie. 

Sending get well wishes to Craig.  Lots of strength to him and his wife.  Just a little bump in the road.  Keep roaring!!

Hope he gets to share his article with all the nurses and hospital staff! :)

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Thank you for the update and prayers will be said.  Hope the infection clears up soon and he recovers quickly.  Hang in their Craig - we are all thinking of you.


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and wishing him well as he recovers from surgery.

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May he recover completely and quickly! Hang in there Sundanceh !!!

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Thinking about you and hoping you are up and about soon!


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oh so sorry you are having to deal with this!!! heal quickly dear Craig....sending prayers and love


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Thinking of you Dear Craig .... take it easy and get your strength back.  

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Craig, considering all that you've been through, an appendectomy should be manageable. Hang in the my man, you'll be on your feet before you know it.


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God, can you give the guy a break please?

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I add my voice to your request...if anyone deserves a break it is Craig.

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You made me cry, Phil.....

Those words spoke volumes and hit me hard.  Very poignant and powerful.

Trubrit's picture
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For goodness sakes, you'd think cancer was enough to go through without slapping an apendectomy on top.  

Healing thoughts are being sent your way (by tons of us).  Rest, recover and continue your battle.


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