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It has been awhile since I have posted but do view the board every couple of weeks.  It has helped over the last 4 years (I finished treatment 4 years ago end of August).  I would like to share this good news. Today is my first day of retirement!  I was fortunate to have a job where early retirement can happen.  My spouse and I decided it would be a good idea a year ago.  The treatment was still impacting my energy and mood.  I put in my early retirement package a year ago and found out on Tuesday it was approved.  They wanted me out Tuesday but allowed me to work Wednesday to contact folks and pack my office.  Talk about quick.  I had a great job but now it is time to move onto (or maybe it is into) another transition.  Of course, my spouses support through this has been great.  We are looking at campers and I hope this is going to be a great outlet for us.  We both like to camp and this area could keep one busy for years just traveling 200 miles from home.  Well I'm starting to ramble.  Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts over the years.  My life has been blessed.





I will let you all know how it feels once I get over the shock.

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Enjoy it you earned every bit of


God Bless



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Jim and I hhe was diagnosed ad planned to travel in an RV when I retired. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with stage 4 BOT and I had to quit work in order to take care of him and move to an area where there was a cancer center covered by his insurance. We spent all our savings and his cancer spread to both lungs so we won't be able to realize our dream. So good for you for retiring early and RVing while you can. I wish you lots of luck and many years together.

Blessings, Debbie

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