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OMG! Mayo clinic appt moved to TOMORROW!!!!!!!

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HELP! thought I would have more time to get a list of questions ready fort he doctors at mayo but we are going tomorrow!!!!! W have only ever talked to the urologist never an oncologist So what are so must questions? dad had a radiacal nephrectomy 2 years ago and now has 6 mets in both lungs. Okay GO'!!!!!!!!!

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You want to start treatment.  Depending on what type of RCC he has. Votrient is a good pick if you don't already have liver issues.  Sutent is good but not if you have heart problems.  You have never been to an oncologist since the surgery? Anytime someone has cancer they should always follow up with an oncologist, for all types of cancer. You want to ask about the drug they prescribe, side affects, blood pressure (almost all RCC drugs raise the pressure), times to take it etc.  You should also get a full body/pet cat scan. Just taking xrays and scans of the abdomen doesn't cut it.  I guess others will chime in. Hope all goes well.  Where do you live?

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No he never saw an oncologist, after his surgery he has had scans every 6 months But all with the urologist. This last scan the 7 spit's came up on his lungs in X-ray and they did a ct to confirm. This was all local, we are in mid-michigan. He is going for treatment at Mayo in Minnesota. Thank you for your info!

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my contacts with Mayo is very impressive; they will get your dad in the right places and will do it quickly.

i spoke to someone in oncology on Monday and was told of several drugs being used by them that I had not heard of. 


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