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Ovarian Cancer Canada Webinar Series - updated

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Webinar # 1 Sept. 25, 2013 "Ovarian Cancer 101 – for women living with ovarian cancer"

presenter Dr. Jessica McAlpine, British Columbia Cancer Agency

download PowerPoint or listen to the recording


Smile 38 min into the recording I am the woman with a thick Russian accent asking about Estrogen replacement therapy.


Webinar # 2 Oct. 16, 2013 "Ovarian Cancer Treatment - an update on research and clinical trials"

presenter Dr. Amit Oza of Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto

It was an awesome presentation today, PowerPoint and recording will be uploaded on the same link in a week or so.

Webinar # 3 Dec. 4, 2013 "Coping with an ovarian cancer diagnosis and life with ovarian cancer " by Dr. John Robinson and Dr. Lauren Walker 

Webinar # 4 January 22nd from 6 – 7 pm EST  "Treatment side effects and how to manage them" by Ms Janet Giroux, nurse practitioner from Kingston Regional Cancer Centre


...plus podcast from Ovarian Cancer Education day hosted by Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto May 25th, 2013


  • Welcome and introductions
  • "Ovarian cancer and you" by Dr. Danielle Vicus
  • Sexuality by S.H.A.R.E. clinic nurses
  • Closing remarks
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I'll be checking this out soon, and can't wait to hear your voice!  It'll feel like I'm hearing from close girlfriend, which is how I feel about all of you.


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Pamela B
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Loved the series and loved your sexy accent!  I learned a lot and felt better about potential recurrence.  Plus I will be asking my doctor about HRT in the future.  Good questions.  Don't know what we would do without your willingness to share and educate us.

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but the highlight was hearing you speak, Alexandra! Your questions were great and the webinar was very interesting. I appreciate your willingness to educate us all! Now, if only those PARP inhibitors were more readily available. Why can't you, as a Canadian, come to the US for a study?



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