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Young Adults w/ Osteosarcoma

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I'm currently going through treatment. I think the hardest part is not having anyone my age to relate to or talk to. I'm 18 and recently graduated from high school. When I walked across that stage I never would have thought that my first year out of high school I would be spending all my time in a hospital getting chemo treatments. I stay positive but it would be so nice having someone my age going through the same thing to talk to.

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I'm 24 but I know what you mean. No one ever expects to have cancer but we are living with it. I just had my surgery 2 months ago and I have no one around me to talk to or anything it gets hard but I try to look on the bright side of things. 

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hi guys, i was 16 when i was diagnosed w/osteosarcoma.  i know what you mean about feeling alone with this, most of the patients in the hospital were much younger.  i'm now 32 and reflecting on my experience, i'd say take one day at a time, try to still engage in the things you liked doing before as best as you can.  keep reaching out, you may make new friends who do know what you're going thru cause they are too.  this time in your life sux but do your best not to let cancer take over your life as this time will pass eventually.  i hope this helps atleast a little.              keep laughing! Tongue Out 

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I'm 22 and just finished my chemotherapy. I was wondering how your recovery was and how you're doing now.

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