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Infiltrating Ductal Carcinomia

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Hi Everyone,


I just can't seem to get it together.  That is sharing with strangersFrown. I now realize that support is a wonderful thing to have.  Though you have family, friends, church family, co-workers, etc. that support you, you can also use that support of others that are going through what you are going through or have gone through it already.


I was diagnosed June 2013 that I had breast cancer.  My GYN doctor immediately set the ball rolling when she got my results.  I saw the surgeon (my choice) for a consultation within 3 days of getting my results and my surgery was done 7/5/13.  I had a partial masectomy (lumpectomy) and IORT during the surgery.  With the IORT I don't have to do the daily radiation for 4 - 6 weeks. 


I had the port put in and started my chemo in August, every 21 days.  With all the side affects I was told that could possibly happen with the TAC chemotheraphy I'm glad not to have had no where near that many.  What I have had have become tolerable, hair loss; taste; sore mouth at times , but no sores; nail & skin changes; fatigue.  I have 2 more treatments to go and can't wait for them to be over with.  I know I'll still have a journey ahead of me. 


I am a widow with two grown sons.  They have been wonderful through all this.  First by taking care of me after sugery. My youngest son lives in another state, but took off two weeks to stay with me so that I wouldn't have to stay at my mom's house and could be in the comfort of my own home.  My oldest son goes with me to all of my chemo treatments and sit for 6 hours or so then stays with me overnight.  My sons are wonderful.  They don't talk about the cancer, but will call and check on my more often then usual.  Especially the one out of state.


I'm still in search of a group that meets in person.  That's hard since the ones that I have located meet during the day and I work.

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Hi, Welcome to CSN,

This is a good group and we are open 24/7.  

Good luck with the rest of your chemo.  Soon it will be over but, you might need to talk about it.

The ladies here are wonderful in helping out with questions.



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How wonderful to have such supportive sons. Im a daughter helping my mom and I can tell you we do it because we love our moms so much! Its no effort when you are close with your parents and a good solid relationship is there.

Im glad to hear things are going as well as they are and in the few short days that I have come to this site, I can testify to the support I see here. It does help to know you are NOT alone and others can witness to the things you are going through and offer help, advice and an ear.

Blessings to you and Keep on Keeping on! 

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I can't imagine going through teatment without this group.  I'm coming up on 4 yrs since diagnosis of IDC.  There were nights I couldn't sleep and there was always someone on and I didn't feel so alone.  Best luck to you...you're on your way.



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You obviously did an amazing job bringing your boys.  We are always here.  Sometimes I think when you are on your own it is nice to chat on line during and after treatment etc. you can ask questions that someone close can't answer.  It is also comforting.  So please keep messaging us and good luck with the treatment.  Yes that chemo is challenging.  The fatigue is hard but if your body says rest or sleep, I did.  It was healing time.  

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