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muscle cramps

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Finished chemo for CLL a year ago - total remission (YAY!), but have serious muscle cramps now - mostly legs and feet, mostly at night. Drugs were Rituxan, Revlimid, and Cytoxan - anyone have similar experience/after effects?


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I finished R-CVP 3 years ago for FNHL and had leg cramps pretty bad at night. They let up after a while but still have them once in a while. Don't know if it was from the chemo or maybe the Rituxan caused it. (I know there are a lot of side effects from this and it appears it affects people in different ways). They are mostly in the calf, toes and feet. John

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Have you had your potassium levels checked lately? Low potassium can cause cramps. Good food sources are sweet potatoes, orange juice, beans, dates, yogurt and tomatoes. The added benefit of potassium is regulating blood pressure.




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Going to have to try that. It don't matter how old you get there's nothing that will make you fly out of bed in the middle of the night faster that lightning than a leg cramp. A person can do moves that make Michael Jackson look stiff. John 

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I'm sure you might know this but a great way to relieve legs cramps is to get the muscle on something cold.

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I am sure you are right. The only thing thats on your mind when a muscle cramp hits is getting it out as fast as possible. Can't tell you how many times I have put all my weight on my leg trying to straighten my foot out flat to the floor at 3am in the morning. Sometimes it feels like it will never straighten out. When it starts to relax it feels so good. Then I have to walk a little bit or it will come back again. John.

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Hi, I also get these and find that often I need more potassium but I find even more often that it is because I have not been drinking enough water.  Hydration really seems to help me and actually I usually take a warm shower and the water relieves the cramping and after a few minutes it is back to bed and sleep.

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Several threads here at the Lymphoma boards were discussing this subject in some detail about a month ago. I believe the discussion was begun by girlfighter. You might want to go back through those posts.

It seems leg cramps in bed usually relate to one of four things: 1. Neuropathy; 2. Restless Leg Syndrom (RLS); 3. Circulation problems; 4. Nutritional issues.

Of these, only #1 is casually related to chemo use.  I have had RLS since childhood.  With my Neuropathy now added to the mix, going to sleep is no fun.   I hope your problem resolves soon.


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i take 4 pattasium pills when it hits, talk to doctor make sure its ok.  x scuba diver i would take 6 pills before dive.

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I have not had chemo, only Rituxan. Leg cramps are my major side-effect of both my stage 4 fnhl and the intensive Rituxan therapy used to treat it.

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