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Haven't posted in awhile

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In July mom (Chris8588) found she's cancer free (happy dance happy dance happy dance) and she's been doing wonderfully! She's back to work part time. On the 18th it'll be one year since we found and boy what a year it's been. I am so proud of my mom for everything she's been through and survived! My mom is the most beautiful person inside and out. She lost a lot of her hair during chemo and its growing back in beautifully if I do say so myself, its curly (wasn't before) and grey, she isn't so fond of the color and we were wondering if you girls (and guys) had any suggestions on hair dying after chemo. Hope everyone is doing good!

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It was very nice and thoughtful of you to update us on your mom's status. She is lucky to have you on her team. Congratulations to Chris on being cancer-free, may she stay NED forever.

I colored my hair as soon as it was 1" long with OTC no-ammonia hair dye, and keep re-touching every month or so. I didn't have any unusual reaction to the product, but do an allergy test first, as per enclosed instructions.

Hugs and best wishes,


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so as soon as it grew in, which for me was quite a few months, I , like Alexandra, used otc dye. I don't think I even checked if it was alcohol free. Been dyeing it myself until last week when I had it done with highlights...gotta admit it looks better now! I am 63, but looked 83 with grey/white hair. Now I just look 63 again.

Glad to hear your mom is NED...always great news!


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I asked onc if I could dye my hair when it came in.  She said yes.  I sometimes think she'll say yes to just about anything at this point.  This time around as I have mentioned I am going to keep the buzz cut for a while.  I went to my hairdresser the other day and when I saw myself in the mirror I said, I have been walking around like this?  In that light my seemingly (at home) dark hair was a hideous mouse brown.  I hadn't planned to dye it until it filled in more but quickly changed my mind.  We decided on a red shade.  You can't see it in the picture.  I think I will try different hair colors while I have it this short.  Maybe try the blond I've always been too chicken to try.  We have to get some fun out of this.


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Thanks so much for the update about your mom and her continued happy dance with NED!  I like the fact that we all have choices with our hair and its color (and by the way, Karen, I like your new pic - cute with the short and sassy buzz!).  I can't speak to hair dye/coloring because I've never colored my hair, which was originally black but now salt and peppery, although still a bit more pepper than salt, I'd like to think.

Best wishes to you and your mom!  Come back and visit us anytime.


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