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Questions on DIM, I3C and Calcium-D-Glucarate

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After my recent mastectomy. I am thinking to just take some alternative naturopathic products (such as DIM, I3C and Calcium-D-Glucarate), rather than Tamoxifen or chemo, for prevention from recurrence of breast cancer in the future. But I am unsure and also concerned about if these products (DIM, I3C and Calcium-D-Glucarate) are really useful and effective or not.  Would those who did take these alternative products for years share their experiences with me? This would be a huge help to me in making this tough decision.  Thank you so much in advance.

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regarding alternative products ..  I do hope another Sister in PINK - chimes in here!


Vicki Sam



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At least you are checking alternatives out, good for you.  Some one will get to you with their advice on your question.  I did some anti estrogen stuff and have come off everything after three years.  I would rather deal with cancer if it returns, and quite possibly will with my luck.  After care is worse than the initial treatment in my case.  Bilateral masectomy.  I am not a believer in natural pills, vitamins etc.  I prefer eating real vegetables, fruits, wholemeal, food with iron and potassium, fibre etc. exercise every day and enjoy those things.  De stress with Yoga which is a lot of fun and Pilates to strengthen.  So many have recurrence who do all the right things and obey their oncologists, I want to get back to feeling a healthy mid fifty year old instead of feeling ninety, sore, aching joints to the point of immobility, tired, overweight looking six month pregnant no matter what you do, and depressed. I am already feeling much better.  Having results on ovary and uterus condition after Tamoxifen next week and if all well, onwards and upwards.  Keeping an eye on any unusual signs of course.  Even if I get bad, silent spreading mets down the road then so be it.  Good luck I hope you find the regimen you like for yourself.  

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Hi blue ice 

please talk to your Medical oncologist about your plans Your doc will educate you on your conditions and why he/she believes conventional medicine is good for yyou many people do not have side effects to Tamoxifen and doing good on itithe drugs you have listed are supplements and can be complementary (check with pharmacist)

Depending on your cancer Having mastectomy is often not enough

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Blueice, I can't offer you any advice, this cancer journey is one that we all have to follow, as best we can.   Asking your question here, is a great idea.  Discussing your options with your medical/personal support team, would also be good.  And in the final analysis, each of us has to walk this path, the best we possibly can.  And, finding that path, is difficult, under the best of situations.  Wouldn't it be nice, if the cancer cure/path started at point A and went directly to point B, with no options and detours inbetween.

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