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Good Wishes for Laz

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Laz, I hope you will check in here today prior to your surgery tomorrow.  I just wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind these past few days and that I am sending good wishes and prayers your way.  May tomorrow go well and I hope your recovery is a smooth one.  We will be anxious to hear from you as soon as you're able and hope that won't be too long.  We will all be here waiting.  Good luck and take care.  Bless you, our friend.

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Laz, we are all hear cheering you on to the wellness finish line. You are in my prayers and I am wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

Sending you and Mrs. Laz a big hug!!

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Doing good so far. We are on the way to Los Angeles. We still have one more consult with the plastic surgen at 2. I will start the cleansing at 1. We will spend the afternoon in a beautiful Korean spa that is our favorite. Will stay at a hotel and check in tomorrow at 7:30.

A bit nervous, but try to keep the goal infront of me of getting rid of this caancer. 

I will be thinking of you as well, sending support to those that are down and soaking up the support from those who can give.


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I have been thinking about you as you near your op date. 

Sending you & Mrs Laz the very best of wishes for an uneventful surgery & recovery.


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Joining the others in sending my thoughts and prayers your way. Hoping you find a sense of peace and strength as you overcome this challenge.

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Sending extra prayers and positive energy your way for a successful surgery and healthy recovery, along with peace and strength to the new Mrs !

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Wishing you all the best Laz.

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laz,   we all support you...... sephie

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Be Brave Laz! You can do this. Make sure you have lots of entertainment to get you through the recovery period - books, magazines, Call of Duty (well it sounds like you are a boy at heart)


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