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My moms a fighter but I'm scared

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In August 2012 my world fell apart when I got the news my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer. At first I was convinced everything was just going to be okay because she's so strong. But over the course of a few months she started chemo and her legs along with her stomach started to bloat and fill with water and the doctors said they couldn't do anything about it. She eventually stopped walking and laying down competley! She preferred to sit up all the time and even sleep like that because of the pain. In mid August she was admitted to ICU in a Manhattan hospital but got better and eventually transfered to a nursing home rehabilitation center to walk again. Recently she complained she couldn't breathe and we rushed to her to emegency but she got sent to ICU again. She has internal bleeding from a huge ulcer and is sedated which means she's hooked up to a machiene to help her breathe. I have so much faith that she will get out of ICU again. I was a wondering if anyone had any similar expierences or anything to just say because I'm scared I'm only 18 but I know I must be strong for my mom.!

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Hi. I don't have much medical advice for you just  wanted to answer and say hello. If you are 18, I'm  assuming your mom is fairly young so she does have that on her side and people have rebounded from some incredible circumstances. Do you have other famil members who are supporting you?

Hugs and healing 


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Yes I am very blessed to have a lot of support it's just not the same without my mom she's my best friend. I also still have a lot of faith for her. And thank you so much for responding to my post.

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Being in the hospital ICU is probably the best place for your mom right now.  The medical professionals will take good care of her and hopefully she will be back on her feet really soon and be able to resume her chemo.  I know this must be really scary for you too but your mom has every reason to be hopeful about the future.  I myself am stage 2b, high grade (grade 3) and I have been living with NED (no evidence of disease) since my chemo ended in March 2011.  Many women diagnosed at more advanced stages (3 and 4) are able to live long and fullfilling lives too.  Wishing the best for your mom.


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